Wen Muye really has you, it is not the continuation of the god of medicine, but a “stupid child” who creates miracles.

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Many people may not be familiar with director Wen Muye, but the movie Dying to Survive is almost unknown.Yes, he is the director of The God of Medicine, that year not only reaped 3.1 billion box office, but also received praise from countless audiences, and even received a high score of 9.0 on Douban.This is the first time he hits the Chinese New Year with his new film miracle Stupid Kid, which has a large cast, but you’ll find it’s a very different movie.What is a stupid child?This is a group of ordinary but unyielding people who get together to form a team and strive for their own happiness.Yi Yangqianxi played Jing Hao, because of the changes in the family, with age does not match the mature, but still have a teenager stubborn.Everyone has his heart red line, Jinghao’s red line is his sister, in order to cure young he carried the burden.Liang Yongcheng himself does not have the child, in the project that gets along with Jing Hao, the feeling that has father and son faintly contains among them.Xu Juncong played Zhang Chao, by professional sorcerer Liu Haizhu, transformed into a wind chasing youth, seemingly unreliable but there is a soft place in the heart.Still have in order to hear clear Wang Chunmei, Internet bar god Liu Hengzhi, irritable uncle Zhong Wei and so on all sorts of little people, everyone has their own imperfect place, be called yu Gong people.But it is these extraordinary people who strive hard to pursue happiness in their hearts.What is a miracle?Generally speaking, Shenzhen itself is a place of miracles, where people from all over the country come to work and start their own businesses, and dialects can be heard in movies.There seem to be opportunities everywhere, but difficulties and setbacks at the same time.It is never plain sailing on the way of hard work.But the ideal of the film is to show that no matter how dark and difficult and depressing life is, there is still a silver lining.Just as director Wen Muye himself said: ordinary is great, strive to see the miracle, ordinary people can also have their own miracle.Although the movie has an idealized ending, it conveys a beautiful belief that we can achieve happiness as long as we work hard.What is a miracle stupid kid?There may be no clear answer, but the young factory director seems to have given his own opinion that when mocked by the well-dressed workers, not only need to fight back, but also take action to refute.The characters mentioned above, separate like a weak root of grass, but together, they form a strong rope, like a family to support each other, against the wind to turn over the miracle.Especially when the last elevator beyond song sounded, “Glorious days” lyrics “life after a loss of struggle, confidence can change the future, ask who can do it” is very appropriate.When I came back to check the materials, I found that “Miracle · Stupid Kid” was originally a tribute film. The completion of the main theme film and emotional resonance can be handled in this way, which is another bonus for the film.Watch movies during the Spring Festival, choose miracles and never tread on thunder.