What happens when AUTO headlights are on during the day?How to use AUTO headlight correctly?

2022-06-08 0 By

If the car headlights have been on and off, and the vehicle has been completely turned off the headlight switch, but the headlights have been on.Common reasons are: the headlight cannot be closed when it is steady on 1, the headlight switch itself is damaged, resulting in switch signal disorder;2, headlight switch circuit break or short circuit, headlight switch signal confusion;3. The signal of the light rainfall sensor in the front block is wrong, which leads to the system mistakenly thinking that the vehicle is in the dark state, so the headlight is in the steady state;Light rainfall sensor failure 4, headlamp relay or light control unit itself damage or programming error;Body controller if the headlights are automatically turned on after the car is locked or unlocked, at most one minute the headlights themselves go out, this situation is normal, the function belongs to the home or home function of the vehicle, to provide lighting for the owner.Vehicle home lighting function in the daily car process, it is recommended to use, choose to put on the AUTO automatic gear.Because the auto gear on the headlight switch is the automatic gear, it is more convenient to use, even if the car is stopped and locked, the driver does not need to operate too much.Headlamp AUTO because when we set the light to AUTO, when the outside light becomes dim, such as at night, the automatic headlamp light sensor installed in the windscreen senses the dim light and immediately notifies the light module to turn on the close light to provide additional lighting.When the outside light becomes brighter, the system will automatically turn off the headlamp’s close light.The whole process does not require any operation of the driver, not to affect the sight and attention of the driving, more conducive to safe driving.