From all-star MVP to 3-vote NBA castaway, you’re not a good fit for the Lakers, not even a minimum salary player

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Foreword the lakers today accidentally lost the game again, this has been in recent days the burnley game, James is not playing, the lakers’ winning even reach 50%, against east today is the tenth of the eagles, hawks and this season is different from last season, or a west of team last season, estimates that even can’t get into the playoffs this season,Two teams with close records met to see which team handled the finer details of the game better, and the lakers apparently did a lousy job of trailing by 18 points after leading through three quarters.The key moments of the game are the responsibility of the team’s core, and the Hawks’ Trey Young did a much better job than Westbrook did, causing the lakers to lose again, and westbrook may not be a good fit for the lakers.After entered the union, less is the team’s core players, from the thunder to the rockets, from wizards to the lakers, the 9 th all-star, a two-time all-star MVP, the MVP, two-time best, five perfect binary array, the three best three rounds, 11 consecutive years in the postseason, neville has less prove he has the league’s top players,However, with the decline of personal data and team record since Westbrook joined the Lakers in the new season, a flood of criticism and abuse swept in, holding the league’s third maximum salary contract, but with the highest maximum salary player data, high salary and low ability has become the label and synonym of Westbrook this season.Recently released 2022 NBA all-star line-up, less lost without suspense, even more far in the players to vote, just got the 3 players votes less, all is lost players vote minimum in the start, even the gateway in the Los Angeles lakers teammates monk less won 6 players votes, monk can only base salary is just a player,He’s only 12.6 PPG, he’s not an All-Star, he’s not in the same league as Westbrook, but still, he’s getting more votes than Westbrook, so westbrook’s season has been a drag.He has played in 51 games for the Lakers this season, and has been playing all the time, averaging 18.9 points, 7.8 rebounds, 7.7 assists and 1.1 steals in 34.8 minutes per game. His shooting percentage is 44.5%, and his 3-point percentage is 30.9%, all of which are basically lower than his career average, and his offensive efficiency ranks 239th in the league.His defensive rating ranks 189th in the league, and his plus-minus is consistently negative, which is not commensurate with his salary, and it won’t be easy for Westbrook to make the All-Star team this year.Why is Westbrook not a good fit for the Lakers?Now the lakers have James, Davis, less the big three, and carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, three effective veteran, and Bradley, monk, Johnson’s great help, not to hit record into the sake now, even not in the west in the first eight, even than the lack of dual-core clippers, where the reason?Can say less and ZhanMei incompatible, James and Davis combination in 19-20 already took the championship proved itself, although is the lockout-shortened season, and a superstar in the league are injured in the stage, but the championship is the product of a belongs to the right place, right time and they can get is their strength,This year’s team is not as bad as the team that won the championship in 19-20.Does not mean that the strength of his personal problems, as early as ZhanMei absence at the same time, the wei little had a season-high 35 points, and only a mistake, this is the reasons for the decline has been ruled out of his personal strength, and he is only 33 years old this year, during the peak of his career, he also have no injury, still can full speed flat box dunk,All the more proof that there is no problem with his personal ability.So if the lakers want to reverse this season in the final stages of the situation, they need to solve this big problem for less, persuading him to substitute squad be not a good thing, not only the starting and the second team can play a better level, the team in the next game will be like a duck to water, do not accept substitute, perhaps only deal this way optional!