Nearly 90 villagers raised more than 400,000 yuan!The village of Nan ‘an is bright!

2022-06-09 0 By

In the kengmei area of Luzhong Village, Lefeng Town, the street lamps in a row gradually turn on, and the soft light makes the small village under the mountain seem particularly bright.Luzhong Village kengmei area, located in lefeng Town and Xiangyang township junction area, during the Spring Festival, the traffic is larger, slightly do not pay attention to easy to scrape;In addition, nearby Luzhong villagers live in compact communities, street lamps are aging, wires are pulled, and there are safety risks. Therefore, the installation of new street lamps has become the most urgent desire of villagers.According to reports, this year’s Spring Festival, The village began to plan in the pit of the United States to carry out the “lighting project”, led by Pan Rongfa, Pan Riqiang and other initiatives, nearly 90 township scoundsmen, entrepreneurs positive response, just a few days will quickly raise more than 400,000 yuan.Up to now, nearly 300 solar lamps have been installed, which has solved the difficulty for nearly 3,000 people to travel at night.Source: Kang Oxygen Lefeng editor: Business Sister review: Yellow into