The Chinese women’s soccer team crushed the infatuation of Chinese men

2022-06-09 0 By

Annual people, the whole of China for football fans, and finally with the Chinese women’s team in India on the Asian cup “let 2 after 3” uber behavior, kill south Korean women’s football, yong crown of victory, a sweep to defeat to Vietnam at the beginning of big Chinese football team’s such as insulting to the Chinese people during spirit, let the people of the whole country hilariously, chanted: should have such Chinese football.At the same time, hundreds of millions of fans are pointing their fingers at the Chinese men’s football team: disband the Chinese men’s football team and disband the Chinese Football Association.Ha ha, The “infatuation” of Chinese men, which was crushed by the Chinese women’s football team.In fact, Chinese men were killed by Chinese women, “female sheng male decline” early into fact: who in the sports arena, have seen Chinese men let people exhale?Men’s soccer?Men’s volleyball?Men’s basketball team?No, what they bring to Chinese people is “weak energy” : not hard.As the saying goes: women are soft as water, men are hard as steel.But, in fact, the hard man hard not up, the soft women, but have “sonorous rose” elegant demeanor, hard, bar to stand in front of the Chinese man: you male?I want you to show me.Ha ha, male not rise, only Wu Lei hair a head dozen: dress women’s foot, respect women’s foot.Compare to raise, show Wu Lei still calculate a real man.He can say “respect” the women’s football team, that he sadly saw the lack of Chinese men’s fighting spirit, dare to die.The petite female football players dare to rush forward to block the holes of the gun, while a certain player of the Chinese men’s football team is like a timid mouse: hide!He’s dodging enemy bullets!His avoidance, however, made Chinese people sick on the first day of the Chinese New Year.Look at the Chinese men’s football team, repeatedly defeated, defeated more and more brave: as long as I can get a high “salary”, I can bravely disregard the national image, can disregard the expectations of the whole country, can cover the Chinese men’s hard “shape” image is replaced by the real soft “image.Chinese men say: we will always be soft, can you do me?As a man, I blush for the rascal of The Chinese men’s football team.However, I red also have no way, because I do not have any ability and power, this gang of rascally men out of office.Because, no matter how bad the actors are, the play has to go on.Although sports competition requires “higher, faster, stronger this is the essence of sports connotation.But, in the end, sport is also entertainment: providing emotional and physical pleasure to the masses.Therefore, the performance of the Chinese men’s football team, which damages the image of Chinese men, is also an alternative entertainment for the Chinese public.I believe that in a long period of time, The Chinese women’s football team will often sell auto show to crush the Chinese men’s infatuation.Only when Chinese men’s football team can stand on the podium Shouting “we are hard up” can this kind of light explosion can end one.By then, I will buy the Chinese men’s soccer team drinks.