Why are these areas the focus of this year’s technological innovation construction plans

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As one of the seven important policies of the Central Economic Work Conference in 2022, the science and technology policy should be firmly implemented. Local governments have also finalized this year’s science and technology innovation construction plan.A review of the government work reports of 31 provincial-level governments shows that local governments have set their own goals for this year, including basic research, innovation platforms and the development of talent pools. Many provincial-level governments have listed scientific and technological innovation as the top three priorities for this year.Three science and technology innovation centers to strengthen the national strategic science and technology forces for the solid implementation of science and technology policies, the central Economic Work Conference deployment is to implement a three-year action plan for the reform of the science and technology system, formulate and implement a 10-year plan for basic research.We will strengthen national strategic scientific and technological forces, give full play to the role of national laboratories, reorganize key national laboratories, and advance the reform of research institutes.We will strengthen the leading role of enterprises in innovation and deepen the integration of enterprises, universities and research institutes.We will improve and optimize the ecosystem of scientific and technological innovation and develop a solid style of scientific research.Continue to carry out international scientific and technological cooperation.China’s three major science and technology innovation centers have further emphasized the strengthening of national strategic science and technology forces this year, and put the task of science and technology innovation in the first three key work this year, several major science and education provinces have also detailed specific measures for science and technology self-reliance and self-improvement.In the report on the work of the Beijing Municipal Government in 2022, the second major task for this year is to speed up the construction of an international scientific and technological innovation center and build new advantages in innovation-driven development.Specifically, it includes closely following the major national strategic needs, comprehensively implementing several measures of the new round of pilot reform in Zhongguancun, accelerating the formation of efficient new nationwide innovation system and mechanism, and high-level construction of the main platform of “three cities and one District”.We will fully develop national laboratories and accelerate the development of comprehensive national science centers.We will increase investment in basic research, set up a number of new R&D institutes in frontier fields of future science and technology, and strive to make more original basic achievements and breakthroughs in underlying technologies.The third major task for Shanghai this year is to concentrate on accelerating scientific and technological innovation, educational modernization and the construction of a highland of high-level talents.We will strengthen engines for scientific and technological innovation.Focusing on basic disciplines and strategically oriented fields, we will improve the long-term and stable support mechanism for key teams in basic research.Actively participated in and led the organization of international big science plans and big science projects, and arranged a number of municipal major science and technology projects.We will stimulate the innovation of new types of R&D institutions.Guangdong insists on taking self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology as the strategic support for development, deepening reform of the science and technology system, building an innovation ecological chain in the whole process, and speeding up the construction of a higher-level province with strong science and technology innovation.We will strengthen strategic scientific and technological forces.Taking the Greater Bay Area International Science and Technology Innovation Center as the lead, we will comprehensively promote the development of a comprehensive national Science center and a national technology Innovation center in the Greater Bay Area, and speed up the development of the Three innovation cooperation zones (Shenzhen-Hong Kong Hetao, Zhuhai Hengqin and Guangzhou) and the three science cities (Guangming, Songshan Lake and Nansha).At the same time, a number of national key laboratories should be located in Guangdong, and efforts should be made to break through a number of key core technologies and explore the “Guangdong path”, a new nationwide system for key core technologies.The 14th Five-Year Plan clearly states that Beijing, Shanghai and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area will be supported in becoming international science and technology innovation centers.In the opinion of Dr. Zhang Shizhi, deputy director of statistical Evaluation Research Office of Shanghai Institute of Science, the hierarchical system of the spatial layout of national scientific and technological innovation in the “14th Five-year Plan” has changed to some extent in the key construction areas and key work. Generally speaking, it can be summarized as “highlighting the core, moving toward the west and putting the market first”.The international science and technology innovation center with global influence is an important benchmark for China to participate in international science and technology innovation competition and cooperation, supporting the construction of an innovative country.Therefore, national strategic scientific and technological forces and major scientific and technological projects will still be tilted towards these places, forming a new nationwide system for tackling key scientific and technological problems to carry out cutting-edge scientific and technological exploration.Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong are the top three, while Tianjin, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are the top six, according to the recently released China Regional Science and Technology Innovation Capability Evaluation Report 2021.The “report” editorial board member, Chinese academy of science and technology development strategy, director of the institute technology forecasting and statistical analysis XuanZhaoHui told the first finance and economics, the three major kechuang center from the source of innovation strategy, achievements transformation and industrial development and international communication ability, the foundation of Shanghai is the most comprehensive, and Shanghai back is the most economically developed Yangtze river delta region,Hinterland wide, radiation driving capacity is also strong.Beijing has the natural advantage of intensive national scientific and technological innovation resources, outstanding scientific research capacity and original output of scientific and technological innovation.The Export-oriented economy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is quite obvious, and private innovation-oriented enterprises are also developing in large numbers in this area, playing a very large driving role.Not only the three innovation centers, but also many places have set the task of promoting scientific and technological innovation and self-reliance this year.Jiangsu put forward that innovation should be the primary driving force, and science and technology should be promoted to become independent and self-reliant.We will fully implement the strategy of innovation-driven development and pool our strengths to climb to the “peak” of innovation.We will fight the battle for key and core technologies.We will leverage the role of special government funds in leveraging and leading the way, focus on areas where breakthroughs are urgently needed, such as advanced materials, high-end chips, industrial software, biomedicine, and biological breeding, and promote key projects across the board.Zhejiang will focus on strengthening innovation-driven, accelerate to build a global advanced manufacturing base.We will vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation.With a focus on the development of three major scientific and technological innovation hubs, we launched a hundred-billion-yuan project to build major research platforms and facilities, and increased provincial-level funding for scientific and technological innovation by 40%.Hubei, a major province of science and education in the central part of the country, has proposed implementing an innovation-driven development strategy to accelerate the transformation of old growth drivers into new ones.We will strengthen the self-reliance and strong nuclear support of high-quality science and technology, rely on scientific and technological innovation to upgrade industrial development, and open up a channel from strong science and technology to strong industry and strong economy.We will strive to foster a first-class innovation ecosystem.We will carry out a three-year campaign to reform the science and technology management system, and build a community of government, industry, academia, and research institutions for innovation and entrepreneurship.An upgraded version of the “drip irrigation Action” of science and technology finance was implemented, and a provincial science and technology innovation development fund was set up.In scientific and technological activities, talents are the key.It can be found that this year’s attention to scientific and technological talents has also been placed in an important position.Beijing has proposed building a high-level talent hub in an all-round way.We will speed up the gathering of strategic scientists, leading talents and innovation teams who dare to venture into “no man’s land” around the innovation and industrial chains, and strengthen the training of young talents.We will implement a school-enterprise joint plan to train outstanding engineers in areas urgently needed by advanced, sophisticated and sophisticated industries.We will implement the “Rosefinch Plan” and speed up the introduction of multi-level talents such as project managers and technical brokers.We will promote entrepreneurship in the new era, and train more outstanding entrepreneurs who are brave enough to make innovations and make breakthroughs and shoulder social responsibilities.Shanghai said it will give full play to its advantages in science, education and human resources this year, expand the supply of high-level science and technology, train, introduce and make good use of talents in an all-round way, and speed up the building of a science and technology innovation center with global influence.We will vigorously develop a highland of high-level talent.Relying on innovation platforms such as national laboratories, large science facilities, high-level universities and research institutes, Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, And Huawei Qingpu R&D Center, we will vigorously gather strategic scientific and technological talents, first-class leading scientific and technological talents and innovation teams, and train young scientific and technological talents, outstanding engineers and highly skilled personnel.We will deepen reform of the systems and mechanisms for personnel development, establish an evaluation system for personnel based on their innovative value, capability, and contribution, and establish a sound incentive mechanism for the application of scientific and technological achievements. We will actively yet prudently delegate to lower-level governments the power to set up posts, appraise professional titles, administer scientific research, and control funding, and further delegate power to employers and relieve constraints on personnel.Strengthen the integration of the city’s talent plan, accelerate the formation of a reasonable pyramid talent structure.Guangdong has also proposed to build itself into a high-level talent hub in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.We will carry out the five major projects to build China into a province with strong human resources, formulate a more active, open and effective human resources policy, and foster and introduce world-class strategic scientific and technological personnel, leading scientific and technological personnel, young scientific and technological personnel, and high-level innovation teams.We will promote the integrated development of industries and human resources, and implement special actions and plans for manufacturing human resources.To promote the establishment of a talent attraction consortium between units in The province and well-known universities and research institutes in Hong Kong and Macao, and strengthen cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao in personnel training and other aspects.We will deepen the reform of classifying and evaluating scientific and technological personnel, and give scientists more power to decide on technology routes, allocate funds, and allocate resources.Hubei proposes to give play to the leading role of academicians and experts, implement the “Chutian Talent Plan”, build a group of leading scientific and technological talents and innovation teams, and cultivate a group of outstanding engineers.We will improve the incentive and evaluation mechanisms for the allocation of scientific and technological talents, and give scientists more power to make decisions on technology routes, allocate funds, and allocate resources.Zhejiang will carry out talent projects such as “Kunpeng Action” and “Special Support Plan for High-level Talents”, add 25 new leading innovation and entrepreneurship teams, and improve the mechanism of talent cultivation, utilization, evaluation and incentive.Local authorities are also refining measures to attract talent.Take Shanghai as an example. At the 2022 Human Resources and Social Security Work Conference held in Shanghai on Feb 10, the city proposed to attract talents without standing on one pattern.Focusing on major strategies, key regions and key industries, we will vigorously introduce and gather outstanding talents from home and abroad.At the same time, we will further delegate the right of decision-making to scientific research institutions, support district-level institutions in setting up mid-level professional title evaluation committees, and establish a “through-train” for professional title evaluation of special talents with outstanding contributions.Yao Kai, director of the Global Science and Innovation Talent Development Research Center at Fudan University, told China Business News that Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen all have significant geographical advantages, but have their own characteristics.For example, in the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city cluster, Beijing has relieved non-capital functions, given full play to the capital’s leading advantages, attracted and gathered high-end talents, encouraged surrounding districts to play their role in accordance with different functions, carrying capacity and location conditions, and optimized regional talent allocation.Yao said Shanghai’s talent structure is pyramid-shaped, meaning it needs both “key minority” strategic scientists at the top and young scientists as a solid base below.In attracting young talents in Shanghai, he thought, at the same time, more should take good young talent growth stage, let the “source” can open to win the key battleground, through “JieBang 1” “horse” and so on the selection and cultivation mechanism innovation, let more young talents of science and technology have the opportunity to, conditional, guaranteed to lead, as the leading role,Grow into a top talent in a tolerant and fair environment.