An asthma patient in Shanghai died because of ineffective rescue: when can we stop such a tragedy?

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These days, Shanghai has fallen into all kinds of “magic”.According to media reports: On March 30, hna Chang Road 376 lane a community patient asthma.Due to his critical condition and the epidemic prevention and control reasons, his family had to borrow a defibrillator from a nearby ambulance but was rejected, and the patient died in the end.Later, relevant departments reported on the investigation of the incident. Although the doctor was on emergency duty at that time, he has been suspended due to improper treatment, expressing deep sorrow for the death of the patient.Asthma, also known as bronchial asthma, is a chronic respiratory disease.General bronchial asthma patients in the onset of chest tightness, asthma and cough and other symptoms, especially serious bronchial asthma patients will also appear pale, sweating and even breathing difficulties and other conditions.Generally speaking, asthma does not attack without any symptoms once the attack will cause obvious wheezing, hypoxia and so on, if the corresponding standard treatment is not taken in time, asthma patients may have life worries.According to data, the death rate of asthma ranges from 1.6 to 36.7 per 100,000, most of which are caused by asthma that cannot be controlled for a long time and the last attack is not treated in time. Most of the tragedy could have been avoided.What can we do about the sudden onset of asthma?As mentioned earlier, asthma attacks can cause irreversible damage if symptoms are not alleviated in time.Asthma may be fatal when it is attacked, so controlling the attack frequency of bronchial asthma has become the primary task of patients with bronchial asthma.Once asthma patients around suddenly have a severe attack, it is necessary to dial 120 emergency number first, and at the same time ensure that the patient is in a safe and well-ventilated place to observe whether there is a reaction.If the patient has already gone into cardiac arrest, CPR should be performed properly and can save lives if necessary.And if the patient’s condition is slightly mild, comfort the patient’s mood, avoid too excited, at the same time to help the patient to adjust breathing, if the patient has a portable asthma spray, can help the patient to find and give him to use.Of course, patients with severe symptoms may keep inhaling the sprays, and overdose can be life-threatening, so you need to keep 120 doctors on the phone for proper guidance.Additional, the asthmatic patient in the proposal life must want to obey doctor’s advice to take medicine on time, and should notice right amount to take exercise at ordinary times, will increase oneself resist ability, reduce the break out number of bronchial asthma.The fault of delayed treatment lies in the negative treatment, and life should be respected at present. The tragedy of this incident is not that the doctor shirks his responsibility or is afraid of undertaking, but that the ambulance was stopped for help by another emergency treatment in the middle of the journey.It is important to know that 120 is a point-to-point, one-to-one model, rather than the patient and his family can change an ambulance through private negotiation.The problem was not the doctors, but the doctors were really miserable at that time. Under the circumstances of the shortage of medical resources, they faced a dilemma.We are not God, no one can stand in the perspective of God to look at this problem, two patients who will have an accident, no one can predict in advance.No matter which patient a doctor chooses to treat first, if another patient dies, he will be caught up in the controversy.And we need to reflect on the shortcomings of the medical configuration during the control of the epidemic that lie behind this tragedy.As a matter of fact, the epidemic control has delayed other normal medical needs, resulting in many tragedies.In addition, the National Health Commission has repeatedly emphasized that efforts should be made to ensure the normal medical service needs of residents in the enclosed and controlled areas, especially special groups such as patients with tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy, hemodialysis, acute and critically ill patients, pregnant women, the elderly, and children who need regular treatment.Medical institutions shall not use nucleic acid test results as an excuse for refusing treatment, shirking treatment or delaying treatment for any reason, in particular.Why are these tragedies repeated, despite repeated emphasis?The medical system itself is aimed at healing the wounded and saving the dying. If it is alienated by the “general trend” and becomes a life-killing system, is it not a kind of lazy government and inaction?It is hoped that more appropriate arrangements can be made in the future so that patients can receive timely assistance instead of dynamically implementing some measures after arousing public opinion.A grain of ashes of The Times, falling on everyone’s head is a mountain.That is why we have been insisting on zero, in order to prevent a recurrence of the kind of tragedy that could have become the norm once medical resources were severely squeezed after coexistence.