Dongfanghong Community, Huangzhuang Street “Strive to be a Small volunteer, Community Service me first”

2022-06-10 0 By

In order to create a good community environment atmosphere, cultivate students’ dedication.Dongfanghong Community New Era Civilization Practice Station united with “Love Association” to carry out the volunteer activity of “Striving to be a small volunteer community service me first”, and primary school students in the district actively participated in it.After the activity began, some student volunteers pick up the garbage in the green belt, some wipe the wall of the community, some clean the road sanitation, some clean the small advertising, we work together, quickly eliminate many health dead spots in the community.In addition, some volunteers to littering, spitting and other uncivilized behavior to carry out counseling, and actively promote the fight against telecommunications and network fraud, epidemic prevention and control knowledge.Seeing the student volunteers work in full swing, community residents have applauded.Through the volunteer service activities, not only improve the community’s environmental health, create a good atmosphere to build a civilized city, but also cultivate the spirit of dedication of students, improve the awareness of students to serve the society.(Zhu Lin)