Early spring is cold, withered lotus leaves stand pond

2022-06-10 0 By

Seven unique/remnant lotus kingfisher wen/dragon in early spring bleak meaning is still cool, withered leaves and residual branches stand in the pond.Kingfishers feed in sorrow on the lotus, waving only with the waves.. The remaining kingfisher corn poppy/remaining kingfisher/hole too at the beginning of the remaining kingfishers chunxiao, how to meet.The form of a single no heart, longitudinal is the shrimp fat crab beauty, but also shen Hurt.Yuanyang splashing into a pair, endure to see fish drunk.New nest early built in the west, hanging shadow solitary fly without thread, thousands of worries.Residual lotus kingfisher bu operator/residual lotus kingfisher text/Xu Luhu water blue as blue, ripple shadow residual lotus around.Fish shallow shuttle kingfisher urgent, spring has come to sign.Peel off the old branches and buds, the new sharp qiao.Today idle foot on the shore, people also by the wind.Remnant kingfisher remnant kingfisher this article picture provided by netizens, thank you!