Hallow Travel released two rounds of user safety system smart helmets effectively reduce the user head injury rate

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The Hello Riding Safety System (HRSS) was launched by local travel and lifestyle service provider Hello Riding Safety System (HRSS) on Tuesday.Among them, the shared two-round business will comprehensively protect the safety rights and interests of users from the aspects of cycling safety, battery safety, health safety and information security.Hello Riding Safety System (” HRSS “) currently operates two-wheel sharing and two-wheel electric vehicles for home use, covering more than 400 million users nationwide.By the end of 2021, Hallo bikes and motorcycles have been deployed in more than 450 cities (including county-level cities) across China.Was founded five years ago, as a national level travel tool, hello travel to multi-dimensional and comprehensive build a user security system, by including improve vehicle safety design, apply the brake, cushion sensing multiple security such as patent technology, and increase the rate of road vehicle maintenance and a series of means, reduce the accident rate, protect the safety of the user rights.By the end of 2021, Hallo has applied for 155 patents on two-wheel travel safety, and 84 patents have been authorized, covering technologies such as frame/handlebar/lock, battery/electric cabinet, seat cushion and so on.Smart helmet + face recognition: significantly reduce the rate of cycling accidents Hallo travel user safety experts introduced that the big logic of Hallo to build user safety system is from two dimensions of “health occurrence + health hazard”.”Reducing the occurrence of accidents” refers to reducing the probability of safety accidents to users through a series of means such as improving vehicle safety design, strictly improving upstream supply quality and improving vehicle maintenance rate.”Health hazard” is to reduce the personal injury degree of users once a safety accident occurs through safety technologies such as smart helmet, face recognition and fall alarm.Through the analysis of several cases, safety experts found that wearing helmets can significantly reduce the harm suffered by users in safety accidents. Take the shared smart helmet + face recognition as an example, users can open the vehicle lock and helmet lock through the Hallo APP, and perform face recognition according to the requirements of the APP.Face recognition includes identity recognition and helmet wearing recognition. The former needs to ensure that the cyclist is consistent with the account owner, avoiding minors under 16 years of age.The latter requires the user to unlock the helmet, remove it from the basket and wear it — without the helmet, the facial recognition system alerts the user and prevents the vehicle from starting.If the user does not wear a helmet, the face recognition system will alert the user and prevent the vehicle from starting. Wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the injury suffered by the user in the event of a safety accident.An analysis of several cases by safety experts from Hello Travel found that the number of accidental deaths from head injuries dropped by 90 percent after users wore smart helmets.In Changsha, for example, with the joint efforts of the government and enterprises, the number of safety accidents among users has decreased from 20 in 2020 to 3 in 2021 by wearing smart helmets, and the overall safety accident rate has decreased by 85%.Vehicle electricity safety is also an important module that can not be underestimated.In recent years, fire incidents caused by non-standard battery explosion occur frequently.In order to ensure the safety of the user’s battery during the ride, Hallo put forward higher requirements for power management.First, design from the source to ensure that every battery is compliant with the new NATIONAL standards;At the same time, the unified battery charging management was carried out by matching the CQC certified power changing cabinet, and the 24-hour visual online management was opened for the warehouse.In addition, Hallo matches tens of thousands of operation and maintenance staff to conduct road inspection, and immediately deal with battery problems once found, to ensure electricity safety of users and warehouses.Focus on riding health security: antibacterial set in the standardization of vehicle disinfection + hello two rounds of user security system (HRSS), health security model is a combination of hardware technology (antibacterial), outbound standardized sanitizers, road surface disinfection new crown outbreak since 2020, as a Shared travel service operators, hello have been thinking about how to better to ensure the safety of the user’s health.In the hallo two-round user safety system (HRSS), the health safety model combines hardware technology (anti-bacterial handle), standardized removal and road surface disinfection, etc.Hello cycling national operations director liu tao, hello for Shared bicycle moped and sharing of health have strict requirements, concentrated embodied in “triple kill” : the first is the outbound sanitizers, refers to the Shared bike before the delivery will be cycling high-pressure washing and disinfection procedures, only to complete the above process can normal on the road;The second is indiscriminate elimination, which refers to the indiscriminate elimination of shared bikes regardless of brand in daily work, including shared bikes and social vehicles of other brands;The third is centralized elimination, which means that individual regions will carry out centralized elimination in key areas and sections according to local policy requirements and epidemic response pace.The antibacterial handle covers are made by adding interfering particles to the handle.After professional testing, escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate can reach 99%.”Against the backdrop of the fight against the epidemic, we will continue to strengthen the comprehensive elimination of vehicles, and continue to introduce scientific and technological products to ensure the health and safety of users.””Liu Tao said.The user privacy security as the cornerstone of business development, the establishment of the whole life cycle data security system personal information protection is related to everyone’s rights and interests.The Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China went into effect last November.This is the first special law on personal information protection in China, and enterprises also attach great importance to users’ information security.The two-round user security system built by Hallo is the base stone of user information security.Before the introduction of the Personal Information Protection Act, Hallo had complied with relevant requirements to ensure that the collection and use of information was reasonably necessary, that the rules were clear, and that the user was authorized.For example, the collection of users’ personal information must be in accordance with the principle of “minimum enough”, except in the case of the terms of service agreed by users and statutory standards, do not collect, use, share, transfer or disclose information related to users’ personal identity without users’ authorization.In addition, Haro does not report data to any third party other than government regulators or engage in any form of data collaboration.”Data security and personal privacy protection have become the cornerstone of Our business development,” said Li Chao, head of The Company’s information security business unit.The company has established a life-cycle data security system and established security control measures for data collection, transmission, storage, use, sharing and destruction.”(after)