Pingtan fire rescue detachment to you play a recruit “tiger”, happy New Year to everyone!

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Tiger jump mountains and rivers strong, dragon Yin sun and moon new.On the eve of New Year’s Eve, pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area fire rescue detachment combined with watching the Spring Festival Gala activities, carefully organized all the fire rescue personnel on duty through video connection to carry out individual and collective New Year greeting activities.Due to the needs of special occupation, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the majority of the regional fire rescue team in the post of the commander and combatant insist on giving up the small family for everyone, give up the small for the greater self, always fighting in the fire prevention and fire fighting, duty and preparation for the front line, with their own hard work for the safety of all people.Although there is no family to accompany, can not go back home to reunite, but can guard the safety and joy of thousands of families together with the teammates who help each other, enjoy the collective warmth and friendship, is another kind of “reunion”.Detachment Wang Yongsheng political commissar through video link in the form of pingtan fire rescue detachment party committee, representatives can not go home to reunite for the son for the daughter, husband for wife, father for mother of all the officers and fighters to your families, relatives to extend heartfelt thanks and high respect!In a special way to fight in the firefighting front line fire rescue personnel and their families to send a special “gift”, expressed sincere blessing, reposing the deep feeling of love.There are personal New Year’s greetings from firefighters, warm wishes from the newlyweds who have just entered the marriage hall, and the pledge monologue of the base team standing on behalf of their posts…On duty all the fire and rescue personnel in turn came forward to pay New Year’s greetings, in the New Year’s Eve, with all friends and relatives to remove troubles, to meet the hope.A couple of New Year’s greetings to you and your family scene silhouette lights, stick to the post.In the happy New Year activities, suddenly the alarm went off, fire and rescue personnel have a police mission to leave quickly and orderly, to the disaster front line.The special service station on Station Road, which is preparing for a New Year’s greeting, sent New Year’s greetings via video link on behalf of all the staff as only one officer was left on duty.LAN City fire rescue station all fire rescue personnel are fighting the fire at the front line.Through this New Year’s visit, not only enrich the team’s cultural life, but also in another way to let the fire rescue personnel and their families “reunion”, inspired the morale, all the fire rescue personnel look new, high morale, spirit.The next step, Pingtan fire rescue detachment will be more high morale and superb skills, for the resident party people continue to create a good fire safety environment, continue to be a good “LAN Island fire guard”.Production: All-media Work Center of Fire Rescue Detachment in Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area