The UK may announce sanctions against Russia after a ceasefire in Ukraine

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With Russia and Ukraine agreeing to a ceasefire, it is hard to understand why The UK is speaking out.The British Foreign Office (FCO) will announce a tightening of strategic and financial sanctions against Russia on January 31, according to sources, TASS reported on January 29.The United States will also take part in discussions at the United Nations Security Council in New York, hoping to use diplomatic rather than military pressure on Russia.After eight hours of talks in Paris on January 27th, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France unexpectedly reached a ceasefire agreement.About this, it can be said that in everyone’s common sense, and unexpected.It makes sense to say so, given the anxiety in Ukraine, the instability in the country and the escalating border conflict.Mr Zelensky must make calming the mood at home his top priority, or else it could be at home that he messes up first.If America and Britain had not lit the first fire, ukrainians would not have felt so tense had they not staged the evacuation of non-essential diplomats.Maybe that’s what they’re trying to do, to plunge the country into war at any moment.That was unexpected, and Kiev had been preparing for the worst.In recent months, the Kiev regime of Ukraine has been actively engaged in the situation in eastern Ukraine and international politics, making adequate preparations for a possible russia-Ukraine war at any time.As much as anyone can tolerate, Ukraine has been asking NATO countries for arms, with Britain sending a special force to guide them.For Ukraine, after all, a war that was unwinnable from the start has been a distraction.In fact, the biggest surprise should be the United States.For the United States, a de-escalation in Ukraine could halt the flow of capital back to the United States.A fed rate hike is imminent, and if that process is eased or surprised, it could undermine the White House’s plans to tackle inflation.Biden certainly does not want to go to all-out war with Russia, but at this stage, rapprochement between Russia and Ukraine is not in America’s best interest.Of course, the ceasefire agreement is still preliminary and talks will continue in Berlin, Germany, over the next two weeks.It remains to be seen whether the Normandy quartet will prove to be a lifesaver for Ukraine, but for now the British message is one of ambition.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will visit Ukraine next week and speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin, foreign media reported.Now Britain is playing two cards, one hand hand, the other hand hand, but will Mr Putin eat it?Finally or publish, oneself three points shallow view.First, if The UK does launch sanctions, it may have the intention of the US behind it.Since Brexit, the United Kingdom has been increasingly tied to the United States’ stated strategy.Europe is scrambling to cool down, with only the United States and Britain to keep up the fire.As for The UK, it is not as dependent on Russian resources as other European countries, and at present it has a certain degree of competition with the EU. It would like to see the relationship between Russia and the EU tense.Therefore, at a time when all sides are somewhat relaxed, the UK is rushing to impose sanctions on Russia, obviously with ulterior motives.Given Britain’s performance in the past year or two, it is hard not to wonder if there are American instructions behind it.Second, it is worth looking at the scope and intensity of the sanctions.Traditionally, such sanctions have mostly targeted individuals and organizations.Personally, Russian officials don’t have much in the way of assets abroad, so it doesn’t matter.But from an organizational and project point of view, the most eye-catching project is Nord Stream 2.If British sanctions are superficial, the impact on Russia will be limited, but it does not rule out the possibility that Britain deliberately provoked Russia.If it is to further aggravate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Britain may choose to kill a thousand enemies, the way of 800.Third, will Russia take the bait?Earlier in the meeting, Biden said the United States and its European Allies would impose economic sanctions on Russia for an “invasion.”Now that Russia has agreed a ceasefire with Ukraine, but Britain has suddenly imposed sanctions, will that anger Mr Putin?For Both America and Britain, the New Year will be a year of heightened tension, even fighting, on Russia’s border with Ukraine.That would strengthen their presence in Europe, especially the “credibility” of the NATO military alliance.In other words, the only way for America and Britain to get involved in Europe is by military means.To sum up, there are now clear divisions between the US, The UK, Germany and France over Ukraine.This could be a game-changer for Russia.