‘The wedding is off!Because of a change of mouth red envelope, she saw the groom’s personality, turned to walk

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The story of the wedding pay attention to three media six, reflects the attention of the husband, now although the wedding omitted a lot of tedious steps, but the important etiquette is still in.In the face of these rituals, it takes the joint efforts of both men and women, but a good thing must not go back on, otherwise the marriage, even if it is married, will not lead a happy day.Let’s take a look at jin Mei’s story today.Figure source network Jin Mei is a clear love and hate, never talk about the person, temper is not good or bad, but come quickly go quickly, leading to her side has been a few friends, they all understand jin Mei’s temperament, so will not care about her.Due to jin Mei’s personality, even her parents sometimes advised her: “You are an adult now, you have to rein in your temper, otherwise how can you have a boyfriend?What are you gonna do about your marriage?Will you be able to go on a blind date with your personality?”Such words, Jin Mei heard the ears are cocoon, always said: “Oh, mom and dad you don’t have to worry about, fate is destined to days, maybe I am gentle and considerate, may I meet an unconditional tolerance of my man?”Did not expect this word is really jin Mei said, she really met a love to be willing to change for him.The man’s name was Gu Cheng, and his appearance was not good, his temper was not good, and his family was far worse than Jin Mei’s. “I don’t know what I love about him, but my heart is out of my control,” Jin Mei said.Probably the fate really arrived, since jin Mei and Gu Cheng together, she rarely lose her temper, always with a happy smile between the eyebrows.As jin Mei knew more about Gu Cheng, he felt sorry for him because he said, “Actually, before I went to senior high school, our family was in good condition. My father was in business and my mother was a teacher.However, the day has unexpected circumstances, my high school entrance examination ended that year, my father’s business suffered a great deal of damage, our family savings that soon empty, alas.”When recalling the past, Gu cheng’s brow was tinged with sadness, Jin Mei held his hand, and he continued: “The family dragged down, and my father always wanted to commit suicide. Fortunately, he was saved back, but after several times, he did not have those thoughts, but his body was not as good as before.I was in high school and my father was recuperating at home. My mother supported me all by herself until I went to college. Now both my parents live on my mother’s retirement salary and my monthly allowance.”Looking at gu Cheng some self-deprecating appearance, Jin Mei heart especially sad, for Gu Cheng feel not worth, a young man of more than 20 years old, shoulder actually to bear such a heavy task.Tuyuan network talks for two years, Jin Mei insisted on marrying Gu Cheng, also don’t care about Gu Cheng family can’t afford to buy a house, can’t afford to pay the bride price, with the family stalemate after three months, Jin Mei’s parents had to agree.In order not to let the baby daughter suffer, jin Mei home full money bought the wedding room, but gu Cheng home and “difficult” to say that the wedding has difficulties, Jin Mei’s parents had to put this thing also pulled in their own body.In this way, the wedding by jin Mei home, Gu Cheng home not only did not pay, even the strength did not come out, but only change the cost of this matter, Jin Mei’s parents firmly refused to let go: “according to the custom of our hometown, both men and women’s parents to the couple’s change fee is 4 8, so please also in-laws ready.”This matter, Gu Cheng’s parents in the negotiation of marriage is agreed, after all, the woman’s family has been responsible for all things, in the change of cost haggle over every ounce will inevitably let people criticize.The wedding day soon arrived, before everything was normal, Gu Cheng to Jinmei’s parents after tea, got a 8888 red envelope, called “mom and dad”.Next turn jin Mei, after the tea everyone said to open the red envelope, is originally a lively link, but jin Mei opened the red envelope only 888, clearly said good things, gu Cheng’s parents have gone back on their words, which makes her some unhappy.That sentence “mom and dad”, jin Mei really shout not export, gu Cheng can not bear, attitude is very bad: “you how to return a responsibility!Call people at once, what a time for temper!”See daughter serious, Jin Mei’s parents think marriage is not easy, advised: “daughter, now everyone is watching, you call a ‘mom and dad’, turn head dad to give you the money.”Jin Mei felt that it was not a question of money at all, so she grabbed the microphone from the emcee’s hand and said, “I’m sorry to make you laugh, but just now, I didn’t realize how bad gu Cheng, my soon-to-be husband, and his family were.His house, betrothal gifts are the same, and even do the wedding money is my home, these my home do not care, but agreed to change the cost, my parents as usual, their home has shrunk, 8888 into 888.I can’t shout out that sentence ‘mom and dad’, also want to understand, this marriage is not married, but also ask you to do a witness, also ask the elders to open their eyes, don’t choose such a son-in-law, otherwise the girl hurt, but also blame you!”Jin Mei will drop the microphone, pulled off the veil and left.Jin Mei’s parents were embarrassed, but before they said anything, Gu Cheng shouted at jin Mei’s back: “So you are such a disgusting woman, get out, I don’t want to see you any more!”This words a, jin Mei’s parents also angry: “you this boy too do not know heaven and earth, to say this wedding is also our home money do, want to roll is you, not my daughter!”Wedding bubble soup, Jin Beauty also make a joke in front of relatives, but she did not regret, after all, this make also let her see gu Cheng this family, timely stop loss is better than falling endless abyss.