Wangjiang traffic police into the area of primary and secondary schools to carry out the “first class” traffic safety publicity and education

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In order to enhance the traffic safety consciousness and legal consciousness of primary school students, prevent and reduce road traffic accidents involving the school students, February 17, the wangjiang county public security bureau traffic police brigade police organization propaganda, successively into the jurisdiction coats middle school, Mao An center school, coats central school, such as primary and secondary schools, to carry out “the first lesson” traffic safety knowledge publicity.Police surrounding the campus road traffic management based on the actual, civilized travel, safe cycling, safe driving is closely related to the students, such as traffic safety knowledge, through the PPT courseware explained to the students how to safely cross the road, safe to ride a bicycle, safe driving, such as common sense, school students in the school, the road to consciously abide by traffic regulations, abandon all sorts of bad traffic,Enhance the awareness of self-protection.At the same time, remind students to always supervise their parents to wear safety helmets when riding electric vehicles and motorcycles, do not run red lights, do not go the wrong way, consciously do “abide by laws and regulations, know comity”, stay away from large trucks, do not take oversize vehicles, assembled vehicles and other vehicles that have hidden safety hazards.At the same time, students can understand the harm of drunk driving and deepen their understanding and memory of road traffic laws and regulations through interactive questioning.After that, “Wangjiang County traffic accident warning record” was played to the students, which effectively improved the students’ awareness of traffic safety and self-protection ability through case to case.Activities, the police also handed out for students wangjiang traffic police brigade carefully) “, “his letter to the county people’s traffic safety publicity materials, hope the students back home, in the form of” small widening hand “, the traffic regulations and “a helmet in” traffic safety knowledge to parents, drive travel safety civilization, his family and friendsJointly maintain a sound road traffic environment.(Korean Pine)