Blue-collar recruitment of the outstanding “le you engaged”, how to crack fast “fast recruitment”!

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Blue-collar recruitment market, everyone is familiar with, involved in the field of recruitment companies are not a few.Now it is back to the attention, related companies not only ready money, technology, talent, but also found a new breakthrough.Huge market potential to be dug deep China’s true sense of blue-collar appeared after the reform and opening up.It was 1992 when the socialist market economic system reform was established, and a number of township enterprises in the southeast coastal areas sprang up in response, followed by a large shortage of labor.Driven by the wealth effect, China ushered in an unprecedented wave of migrant workers, about 40 million migrant workers from the inland into the coastal areas.These large numbers of manufacturing workers made up the bulk of China’s first blue-collar generation.They leave their hometown for a city they don’t know, and rely on a network of small and large labor agencies to find work, except on the recommendation of acquaintances.Now, as the post-1985, post-1990 and post-1995 generation have become the majority of the new blue-collar generation, the development of mobile Internet has made their employment scope no longer limited to manufacturing.Among them, more and more blue-collar job seekers are flocking to first – and second-tier cities to become food delivery men, delivery workers, ride-hailing drivers and real estate brokers.Compared with the first generation of blue-collar workers, the typical characteristics of the new generation of blue-collar workers are more complete in basic education, education is generally higher.For example, according to the 2018 Insight Report on Delivery Rider Group released by Ele. me Hummingbird distribution, people with high school, vocational school or technical secondary school degrees are mainly concentrated, accounting for more than 50%, while those with college degree or above account for nearly 20%.They have grown up with the Internet, so they are more inclined to look for jobs online.According to data, in 2020, the penetration rate of blue-collar online recruitment is 31.3%, and the compound annual growth rate of blue-collar online recruitment market in the next five years is 27.8%. Blue-collar online recruitment service is destined to become a big plate.It is reported that some of the kuaishou App accounts in the live broadcast room online live recruitment function, the product is kuaishou’s new recruitment platform “Kuaishou zhaogong”, the main “live recruitment” mode, no need to send a resume, just leave your contact information, you can complete the job delivery.Easy operations are aimed at blue-collar workers.According to the introduction, for enterprises and labor agencies and other recruiters, in kuaishou search “kuaishou”, according to the requirements of the submission of business license, human resources service license and other information, can become “kuaishou” authentication user.Leyoupin, a product of Leye Lolive, successfully launched Small programs of Douyin, Kuaishou and wechat in May 2021, and released video taping programs on Douyin, Kuaishou and wechat for many times to regularly broadcast job openings. Currently, there are more than 1 million job seekers on the platform through short video flow.Through the mode of Internet + “traffic + tools”, we can leverage the public domain traffic of top traffic platforms and collect more accurate users.The platform uses artificial intelligence algorithm to match the distance between the user and the enterprise, and quickly recommends the position to the enterprise, so that the user can get the position in time, and the enterprise can also get the precise user in time.With the goal of enhancing the value of blue-collar labor force and alleviating the shortage of blue-collar labor force, leyou Employment service platform has provided digital job-hunting services for more than 1 million blue-collar workers and a large number of blue-collar talents for more than 2,000 enterprises, effectively meeting the labor demand of various enterprises.Leyoupin has both PC terminal and mobile terminal, which is easy to operate. The platform will post jobs on the platform, and the platform will quickly match job seekers within 5 kilometers to ensure the intention rate and the entry rate, which is different from all other platforms.Reduce resume review workload and resource consumption, improve recruitment efficiency.Relying on the three major video flow platforms (Douyin, Kuaishou and Weihao), combined with the precise recommendation algorithm, information flow recommendation is carried out on the following/recommendation page to facilitate the intelligent distribution of the content of small programs.Summary of LeYoupin VS Kuaizhaopin analysis: From the above comparative analysis of “Kuaizhaopin” and “LeYoupin”, it can be seen that LeYoupin’s mode includes the mode of kuaizhaopin, which can not only post in Kuaishou video, live post, but also douyin and wechat.In addition, more information of user intentions can be accurately obtained. Enterprise users can choose more package types and service types, and group account rights can be allocated for group users, so as to use recruitment tools more flexibly.At this point, the birth of “Kuaizhao” quietly proves the existence of “Leyouin” mode and value, so that more enterprises choose good recruitment methods and tools, and users choose a faster and more convenient platform for job hunting.In the long run, the giants can further transform the industry and compete together, which is good for the majority of blue-collar workers.But we also need to be aware that recruitment business process is long, many links, transformation is difficult, the past blue-collar recruitment field is no lack of giants, few follow-up.Can Kuaishou do a good job in blue-collar recruitment?Time will tell.