ELAND’s down jacket priced at 1500 costs only 75?

2022-06-11 0 By

Now the weather is cold, down jackets have become essential clothing to keep out the cold, and their market price is not cheap, often thousands of yuan. The fact that the price of down jackets is only 75 yuan, which is priced at 1500 yuan, has also become a hot search. The brand involved in the issue also apologized on its official account, saying that the cost of 75 yuan is the misunderstanding of consumers.According to Ian, the main reason for the punishment is that one of the ELAND brand products received administrative punishment because the ingredients did not meet the product standards specified on the product.We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this incident, which misled consumers into thinking that the processing cost of ELAND is the total cost of goods.We will actively communicate with customers who purchase related products as soon as possible.Previously reported, recently, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Supervision published an administrative punishment book, because of substandard, 75 yuan/piece of down jacket priced at 1,598 yuan/sell, Yilian (Shanghai) Fashion Trading Co., Ltd. was fined 15,704.45 yuan.Public information shows that THE E·LAND GROUP was founded in 1980. It started with women’s wear business and has developed into THE largest fashion retail GROUP in South Korea. Its brands include ELAND, SPAO, Prich, Roem, Plory, Paw in Paw and more than 40 others.The vast majority of these brands belong to the high-end stalls, often thousands of yuan.Prich, the Prich brand, advertised its product as “the dream of 900 million girls”.Source: Kuai Tech Editor: Han Yu