Epidemic prevention science 6 | how to troubleshoot potential risk?Provincial Health Commission: nucleic acid testing is the fastest and most convenient means

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Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread across the world. In China, the epidemic has been sporadic in many places, with locally confirmed cases and asymptomatic cases reported in many places. The prevention and control situation is grim and complex.How to identify potential risks?Provincial health commission said: nucleic acid testing is the fastest and most convenient means.Nucleic acid testing is the primary measure to normalize prevention and control and implement the “four early” measures.Through nucleic acid testing, “early detection” can be realized to directly find the evidence of the existence of the virus and discover the source of infection in time, so as to block the route of transmission and control the spread of the epidemic.For example, on February 12, one of the two new local confirmed cases in Yunnan was found in active nucleic acid testing personnel.On the evening of February 13, suzhou also found four patients who tested positive for nucleic acid tests at the initial screening and reexamination, among the fever clinic patients and those who were willing to take all tests.Q: If YOU have a cold during the nucleic acid test, will it affect the test result?Don’t.If the upper respiratory tract infection symptoms are not caused by the Novel Coronavirus, the kit will not accumulate sufficient immunofluorescence and the novel Coronavirus specific nucleic acid sequence will not be detected in the patient samples, so there is no need to worry about being “misjudged”.Q: Does having pharyngitis and phlegm in the throat affect the test result?Don’t.Sore throat etiology mainly for the recurrent acute pharyngitis, nasal sinuses and nasopharyngeal secretions inflammatory stimulation, tonsil chronic inflammation spread directly or cigarettes, alcohol and excessive, dust and harmful gas, the stimulation such as air pollution, and never eat spicy food, etc and induce, will be coronavirus nucleic acid detection is the specificity, is will be coronavirus infection after the performance, so will not affect the test results.Q: Did drinking alcohol the day before affect the test results?Is fasting required before testing?It doesn’t affect test results, and it doesn’t require an empty stomach.However, it is recommended to avoid eating as much as possible before nucleic acid test, so as not to cause vomiting.Before sampling, try not to smoke, drink, chew gum, so as not to produce false negative results.Reporter Wang Jingyu responsible editor He Qitie editor Wang Juan