“Help the Winter Olympics” medical team joint exercise to ensure excellence in the Winter Olympics

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Three hospitals games are health care trauma care start ceremony of the joint drill hebei huaao hospital trauma diagnosis and treatment center games security emergency green channel to treat the injured on January 29, in the second hospital, hebei huaao hospital, city health care joint for the games, the first hospital trauma care simulation exercises, to ensure that health care for Beijing Olympic and paralympic winter games,Medical rescue, emergency transport, hospital treatment and prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases will be carried out in an efficient, rapid, standardized and safe manner.Medical staff in the first place to the apron and helicopter medical rescue the doctor handed the drill set for the worship ceremony genting ski resort a hotel has a right knee hurt patients, patients with 48 hours of DNA test results were negative, and no COVID – 19 and other infectious disease symptoms, by the fact that the helicopter transport to trauma diagnosis and treatment center for treatment.The contact person of the Second Hospital promptly reported to the leading group of medical support work of the Winter Olympics, and communicated with the helicopter medical rescue support transport doctor and the contact person of Hebei Huaao Hospital to establish information communication channels.Hebei Hua ‘ao Hospital immediately started the trauma treatment center winter Olympics guarantee first aid green channel, medical staff immediately came to the tarmac and helicopter medical rescue doctors for handover, in the emergency for patients examination, diagnosis, preliminary treatment, according to the needs of patients, patients will be transferred to the city second hospital for surgical treatment.After the drill was successfully completed, the medical support team quickly started discussions to analyze and adjust the issues needing attention during the drill.Doctors in the first aid area examined the patients’ injuries, dressed the wounds and fixed them with braces. Medical staff transferred the patients to the second hospital of the city for surgical treatment. With the Approaching of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and The Winter Paralympic Games, the medical security work of the Winter Olympic Games in Our city has entered the state of competition.Through joint exercises, comprehensively examined three hospitals run command layer and hospitals games medical security operation of the overall coordination, operation scheduling, inside and outside the cohesion and emergency disposal ability and level, sum up experience in practice, improve ability, make the games are health care, to improve the attitude to meet the upcoming games games-time “big test”.(zhangjiakou media group Xiao-yan cao Xie Yunfei correspondent Qing-long li miao rain) [editor: wearing beautiful super]