Legend of Zhen Huan: It’s scary to think that Zhen’s return to the palace is actually planned by the king of The palace

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Many viewers are deceived by the superficial plot in the Legend of Zhen Huan, believing that the king of Guo Jun is an unambitious prince who only cares about love and affection.He had no pretender to the throne, and for many years had lulled the sensitive and suspicious emperor with his attitude of idle clouds and wild cranes, and had “succeeded”.In fact, this was not the case. The King of Guo Was not only ambitious, but also very cunning and scheming.He has been laying the groundwork for zhen Huan since the day he first approached her.Zhen Huan, Wen Shichu and even the eyebrows are cleverly used by him.1. The King of Guojun is not in love with Zhen Huan at all, just like the emperor.The emperor uses Zhen Huan as a stand-in for Chunyuan, just to ease his longing for Chunyuan.The king targets Zhen Huan, also because Zhen looks like Chunyuan.But don’t think that Guojun king approaches Zhen Huan because he loves me, loves his dog. He has no obsession with Chunyuan.Guo’s approach has nothing to do with love. He just wants to use Zhen Huan as a tool and pawn to overthrow the emperor, and make zhen work for him and even help him kill the emperor himself.Zhen Huan is a weak woman, but she is strong enough to help the king win the palace without a fight.Zhen Huan is the emperor’s favorite concubine.The king also knows that the emperor loves her because she looks like Chunyuan. Therefore, Zhen Huan has great potential and advantages that other concubines do not have.That’s why the King took aim at her.It is found that Zhen Huan has an uninhibited heart in her heart, which can be seen from the way she takes off her feet and paddles in the lake in broad daylight.Fruit county king heartily smiled, he believed, as long as given time, oneself certainly can capture her, let her fall in love with oneself wholeheartedly, and in “love” of drive and left and right sides below, complete serve for oneself, be like later of ye LAN depend on.If it were not so, as a royal he would not have spent so much energy and patience on a broken flower.What kind of woman does he want that he can’t find?Why do you have to hang yourself from the crooked neck tree of Zhen Huan?Does the food that the emperor eats taste better?If he really loves zhen Huan so much, when he learns that zhen Huan is back to serve the emperor’s brother, he will commit suicide with his sword. He may be crazy or stupid and lose his mind.However, the king is calm and doesn’t do anything crazy except torture Zhen huan’s conscience and judge her soul.Moreover, he personally brings Zhen Huan back to the palace.Which makes you wonder if his feelings are real.2: at the beginning of wen shi zhuang, Zhen Huan and eyebrow is all fruit king county using the fruit of king county and Zhen Huan in ganlu temple after long ago, in order to make Zhen Huan “at ease”, fruit king county who pretends to close marriage GengTie, to show their “sincerity”, that is: “wait for brother forget you, I will take you fly away.”Fruit county king said this kind of words is obviously in the deception, self-deception.He knew that the emperor could not forget Zhen Huan, and as long as the emperor could not forget Chunyuan, he could also forget Zhen Huan.He is betting on Zhen Huan for the same reason.The emperor doesn’t have the heart to kill Zhen Huan, but sends her to the Temple to practice in order to meet her again one day.Therefore, he has to keep Zhen huan as his trump card in the palace, so that zhen can help him achieve great things in the future.At that moment, the emperor sends the king of Guo to visit Dian and Tibet. Guo tells Zhen that he will be back in 40 days, but guo never returns.A series of clever and bizarre emergencies ensues. First, Mei Zhuang tells Zhen Huan that your father is dying thousands of miles away and you need to find a way to bring your uncle to Beijing to heal him.Later, Wen Shichu comes to tell Zhen Huan that the King of Guo Jun is dead.Zhen Huan is anxious and helpless. She is just a disgraced concubine. How can she take her sinning father to Beijing for medical treatment?Even if can entrust a person to receive, that also get the emperor to allow just go!Unless Zhen Huan can return to the palace and persuade the emperor to forgive her father’s SINS and allow him to heal in Beijing.Otherwise, in her current position and status, Zhen Huan would not be able to save her father.It’s clear that Mei zhuang is implying that Zhen huan needs to find a way to get back to the palace, not for herself, but for her family.So the problem comes, eyebrow zhuang living in the palace of deep courtyard, is how to know zhen Yuan way thousands of miles away from things?Her father Shen Zishan did not dare to have private contacts with Zhen Yuandao, Zhen Yuandao is a criminal, who touch who unlucky.The Queen’s party is eager to find evidence of shen’s “adultery” to pull mei Zhuang water.How dare Shen Zishan take the initiative to give others a handle?Therefore, the news of Mei Zhuang could not have come from my family, much less from the Queen’s Party.The only source of information is from the King’s side.After all, king Guo once visited Zhen in person and delivered letters from home to both of them.The king releases the message to Mei Zhuang because he knows mei Zhuang is close to Zhen Huan.Mei Zhuang will never stand by and do nothing.And Zhen Huan is sure to believe mei Zhuang’s words and turn her heart around.This “mind” is “the thought of returning to the palace”.In order to make Zhen huan give up on her and make her final decision, the king uses Wenshichu to deliver the news that zhen died while patrolling the border.It makes Zhen huan completely despaired and no longer feels nostalgic for the “mistress” of The Temple.So, why say this news is fruit county king uses wen shi chu to pass over?Let’s see what Wen Shichu said.Wen Shishu chu said, the king of fruit county ship was made hands and feet, originally thought that the bottom was riveted, as a result, to the heart of the river found that the bottom was used by people with “glue” to stick, to the heart of the river will deglue broken bottom……What Wen Shichu meant in his words was that the emperor could not tolerate the king of Guo County and secretly sent someone to kill him.In fact, this kind of possibility did not exist at all, the emperor sent Zhang Tingyu secretly to protect and supervise the King of Guojun, just want him to patrol Yunnan and Tibet.If you really want to assassinate the king of guo county, the emperor will send blood drop son secretly, will never send the ministers to play tricks, so as not to be discussed by the courtiers on the emperor cold and thin, poison brothers.Therefore, it is clearly a planted crime staged by the king in order to inspire Zhen huan’s hatred towards the emperor.Even the emperor was deceived. The emperor did not know what had happened to the king of Guojun. He was afraid that spreading the news would cause courtiers to suspect him of killing his brothers and sisters, so he kept his funeral secret — he could not afford the public opinion.However, Zhen huan believes him and secretly vows to avenge him, which is exactly what the king expects.Zhen huan will not believe this kind of information, so Wen shichu “happens” to have first-hand “information and insider”. Is it just a coincidence?No, there’s more to come.Zhen huan had no sooner finished returning to the palace than the king of Guo returned miraculously.He claimed that he had been in great trouble, captured alive by Zhunger, and that he had only escaped from the jaws of death.However, it is doubtful that the king claimed to have had “several encounters”, but he did not suffer a single injury, not even a broken finger.Only after two months, if really nine dead one just escaped back, I’m afraid the body of soft tissue bruise will have traces to follow?But did you see that the King was hurt?I was unscathed!Everything he said was his version of the story, with no other person to back it up.The point is, how could he come back so conveniently, and only after Zhen Huan has finished the work?Don’t show up the day before, and then come back when things are “done and done”.It was clearly “prepared”, not only well planned, but also linked together.Poor Wenshishu and Shen Mei zhuang, everything is not informed, but also in vain by the use of this.Fortunately, Zhen’s results are perfect, and that’s enough for them.