Our city strict investigation price gouging behavior, registered 3 cases!

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On March 30, 2022, Xuzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued the Notice on Seriously Investigating and Punishing Price Gouging during the Emergency Prevention and control of COVID-19 and issued announcements and price policy warnings. Market supervision departments at all levels of the city took prompt actions to strengthen market price supervision of epidemic prevention supplies and daily necessities such as grain, oil, meat and vegetables.In accordance with the law, we investigated and dealt with illegal pricing practices, such as price gouging and failure to clearly mark prices according to regulations. Five cases have been investigated and collected evidence, and three cases have been placed on file.Now announce two typical cases of price violation.Case 1: xuzhou, bayi fu trade co., LTD., bid up the price and in violation of the provisions of plain code marks a price case on March 30, yunlong district market regulator for xuzhou hundred fu trade co., LTD., the supervision and inspection found that the supermarket sells in ShuCai District celery into purchasing price is 5.8662 yuan/kg, sale price is 7.96 yuan/kg, on the purchasing price premium for more than 35%;The price tag of fresh vegetables does not indicate the origin, specification, grade and other relevant information.The act of the party concerned violates paragraph 1 of Article 13 and Item 3 of Article 14 of the “Price Law of the People’s Republic of China”, and is suspected of price gouging and violating the provisions on clearly marked price.In accordance with the first paragraph of Article 40 and Article 42 of the Price Law of the People’s Republic of China, the party concerned is ordered to correct immediately. The case has been registered and administrative punishment will be given according to law.On April 1, inspectors from quanshan District Market Supervision Bureau came to yanshan Farmers’ Market to inspect the marked prices of agricultural and sideline products sold by merchants.It was found that all the fruit and dry goods sold by tian Tian fresh vegetable and fruit shop in the market were not marked clearly.The store behavior violates article 13 of the “price law of the People’s Republic of China” of the first paragraph: “sales and purchase of goods and services, an operator shall be in accordance with the regulations of the government price departments plain code marks a price, indicate the name of the commodity, producing area, specifications, grade, denomination, price or service items, charging standards and related conditions.”Inspection personnel on-site ordered its immediate rectification, at the same time to the merchant site for evidence, record inquiry record, and the price behavior of its not clearly marked price is investigated and dealt with, has been put on record, will be given administrative punishment according to law.In the next step, the municipal market supervision department will strengthen the market price supervision during the epidemic emergency prevention and control period, increase the scale and frequency of inspections in shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets and other key places, and constantly stabilize the market price order.The municipal market regulator reminded the epidemic prevention and control work is the most important work at present.Market entities must strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations and price policies and regulations.The general public should also actively support the work of epidemic emergency prevention and control to ensure supply and stabilize prices. Any illegal acts such as collusion in price rises, price fraud, price gouging or price marking without clear information should be promptly reported through the telephone 12315 and 12345, and the municipal market supervision department will investigate and deal with them strictly, severely and promptly in accordance with the law.Reporter Zhang Yaxuan original title: “Our city strict investigation price gouging behavior, registered 3 cases!”