Safe Spring Festival Travel (4)

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One day at 11 o ‘clock in the morning, ningyuan County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade command center received a man called the police for help, said his car has a maternal postpartum hemorrhage, life at any time, request traffic police help.After understanding the situation, the police on duty made a prompt decision, while using the intercom to contact the police along the way, dredge the congested road in advance, while ensuring safety, driving police motorcycles in front of the road, with the fastest speed, the shortest time to lead the vehicle to the hospital for help.Upon arrival at the hospital, the police worked with medical staff to push the woman from the vehicle to the emergency room for treatment.After ensuring that the patient was properly treated, the police officers breathed a sigh of relief and returned to work.Due to the timely treatment, the puerpera has turned the corner.Two or in Ningyuan, At 16:10 on January 24, ningyuan County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade a squadron in the city of building materials section of the patrol, a crowd came forward to help said there was an old man suddenly fell ill on the sidewalk, the situation is very critical.Police immediately rushed to the scene, saw the old man kept convulsing, mouth from time to time spit foam, lips purple.Seeing this, the police immediately called 120 emergency number, evacuated the onlookers to maintain air circulation, and gave first aid to the elderly.Later, the ambulance in the police motorcycle traction arrived at the scene, police and medical staff together to lift the old man into the ambulance.Due to timely rescue, proper disposal measures, the old man’s condition has been effectively controlled, the traffic police this warm heart move has been praised by the masses around.On the afternoon of January 24, a crowd will write a banner “Weimin traffic police heroic and fearless to solve the case of the speed of the remarkable” to the Road County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade personally presented to the brigade traffic control unit police Chen Shuzhao express gratitude on January 15 at 20:30 xu, the brigade received the alarm said:An electric four-wheeler hit a sanitation worker and fled on Hongxing Street in Daoxian County.Police on duty rushed to the scene of the accident, found that the sanitation worker head injury fainted on the ground, the electric four-wheeler was missing.Police quickly identified the suspect through surveillance video and multiple investigations and interviews, and on January 18, the suspect, He Mouying, was arrested at daoxian railway station.Confronted with the evidence, the suspect confessed to the crime of driving away after hitting the sanitation worker.Reviewed by Yin Yanghui, proofread by Xiong Xiaoxu, edited by Lv Pengjie, edited by Xiao Xiong