Top 10 development trends of Cultural and tourism blocks in 2022

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In the epidemic era after 2021, the cultural travel block is still in a state of recovery and slow development. As the time line is gradually elongated, the accumulated potential of cultural travel block business urgently needs to be fully released. Then, will the cultural travel block business start to break out in 2022?How will it play out?Bulma Commercial Real estate makes the following 10 predictions.Trend 1: On the one hand, the single cultural and tourism industry form of cultural and tourism blocks has made consumers feel experience fatigue; on the other hand, the upgrading and change of the consumer market, the contradiction between demand and supply, which jointly urge the cultural and tourism blocks to make some changes in line with the diversified needs of consumers.Is expected in 2022, the brigade block one of the trend of development, is trying to explore some diversified social experiential activities, provide on the basis of the text brigade + new forms, new services, new innovation experience characteristics, such as characteristics of experiential performance class interaction, envelops culture lovers well-known spokesperson visit activities, art exhibitions, activities, such as hot style blockKeep it fresh to consumers and give them a good experience.Trend 2: heavy experience, feeling and distinctive blocks, master flow password brigade blocks, in principle, not restricted by space and time, business is more than the average box has the market competitive advantage, but volume within the text brigade blocks between the more and more serious, operation forms, are based on the text brigade related forms is given priority to, part of the other forms is complementary, in thousands of the homogeneity of one side of the street.In this context, it is expected that a development trend of cultural and tourism blocks in 2022 is to seek to break this homogenization, fully excavate regional cultural resources, and make full use of details to bring consumers detailed service experience.Some text blocks may explore our very sense of scene specific services, such as display of national intangible cultural works, cultural performances, such as the scene activities, to bring consumers the submerged culture experience of dense, auxiliary in catering, entertainment, performing arts experience, tourism, rich variety of new experience, good at fusion innovation and development, to take advantage of the brigade blocks, get consumer recognition,Traffic diversion is implemented.Trend 3: Thematic elements embellishment of cultural travel blocks, to obtain consumer recognition of the fast-paced development of the city, two-point life, so that many consumers lack some spiritual feelings, eager to seek satisfaction.It is expected that in 2022, some innovative themed activities will arouse the interest of consumers and satisfy their spiritual emptiness.For example, nostalgic theme elements make many consumers recall the carefree and happy time of that year, point up consumers’ curious sense of participation, and are willing to pay for it. At the same time, rich nostalgic theme activities also bring consumers a strong spiritual satisfaction and cultivate consumers’ stickiness.Such thematic activities, such as gourmet theme, reading club theme, etc., focus on the rich content control, spirit to meet consumers.Trend 4: Cultural tourism block market sinks to low-line city Commercial in developed cities, the phenomenon of cultural tourism commercial has shown surplus, the competition is fierce, continue to seek new breakthroughs.Looking for new profit growth point, find another way out, had to be taken into account from one line, two line developed cities into three lines, four lines above the city’s new track, many of the cities in three lines, four lines, rich tour resources, developed economy, the lack of brigade blocks, customers need and desire to travel related services, these factors together, looking like a state is ready only owe the east wind.It is expected that in 2022, the cultural tourism block will sink to the third-tier, fourth-tier and above markets, creating a blank market and becoming the meeting room and postcard of these markets.Trend 5: business trip, will be torn coat, under severe market environment have li will have a phoney, there will always be some business trip blocks on the market, the brigade of coat hung on the surface, the so-called characteristic business trip blocks on advertising, actually will shop sales, production brigade stunt, inner is property scattered formats chaos model of traditional commercial street.After consumers experience such commercial blocks, they do not feel the atmosphere related to culture and travel. If they cannot be satisfied, they will vote with their feet, and such businesses will also be abandoned by the consumer market.It is expected that in the new post-epidemic era in 2022, such fake cultural tourism commercial blocks will face a severe market environment in the commercial real estate market, and will either be eliminated by the fittest or choose transformation and upgrading.Trend 6:Pay attention to the training trip planning personnel, business trip for project quality development blocks as offline entity business, has been in thousands of street side, need to demand a variety of channels, to break the homogeneity competition between brigade blocks, essentially is the team competition, is talented person’s competition, at present most of the business trip blocks are lack of travel planning talents,Most developers prefer to cultivate their own cultural travel planning talents, to concentrate on their own service.It is expected that in 2022, the cultural and tourism Commercial Block will increase the talent selection and training system of its own operation team, willing to invest in talent, seeking to seize the high ground of cultural and tourism talent, to break homogeneity and build its own core competitiveness.In order to keep consumers fresh, the format of cultural and tourism commercial blocks cannot remain unchanged all the time. It is necessary to adjust the format regularly, introduce the first store, develop the first store economy and break the experience fatigue.This kind of operation will promote the innovation and development of culture-related formats and promote the exploration of new products in the industry.Forecast in 2022, business travel related will make full use of various resources and planning design inspiration, promote the innovation and development of travel related products, such as intangible skill class shops, digital intelligence, manual old industry business such as business tour, 2022 will usher in a wave of innovation and development trend, for business trip block provides the choice basis of business.After the night economy is pushed to the climax in 2020, commercial entities all over the country are making efforts in the night economy, seeking to improve their performance in the night economy.Brigade blocks due to the particularity of the product form, don’t like a box of commercial space and time limitation, the text brigade blocks in economic pie night battle this TianRanXing advantage, is expected in 2022, wen brigade blocks will be fully mix business style, planning out the attractive immersion scene experience, and other forms of diversity night scene,Enrich and improve the quality of night business to extend the stay time of consumers and dig deeply into the value of consumers. It is estimated that in 2022, cultural and tourism block will take the lead in the competition of night economy.Nine:Brigade blocks on the service diversification, create humanized care, cultivate consumers emotional sticky text brigade blocks in the face of consumer upgrade under new era after the outbreak, if continue past cold business deals, I’m afraid I won’t let consumers how much deep impression, text blocks all participants that the person is the core of all things, to return to the origin, basicGood human service becomes the key to the necessity.Is expected in 2022, business trip blocks will be one of the diversified services as a breakthrough point, on the service innovation, exploration, for consumers to make a good consumer experience, and even into the text brigade streets and in addition to the family the second let the consumer feel warm place, in the emotional capture consumers’ hearts, feelings, with diversified service consumers.In the process of consumption upgrading, consumers’ demand for cultural and travel content has reached an unprecedented depth, and more and more high-level spiritual needs are presented. These consumption changes test the comprehensive operation ability of cultural and travel blocks.Unique scene experience, unique cultural experience, auxiliary to foil material business services, under the efforts of professional operation team, is expected in 2022 brigade blocks could be transformed into spirit service center, around the spirit of service for consumer demand, the design of the corresponding products and services, pay attention to the spirit of consumer satisfaction and overall satisfaction of the project.The above are 10 predictions made by Biomai Commercial Real Estate. If the epidemic continues to be successfully controlled and restrictions are gradually lifted in 2022, it is expected that the cultural travel block may fully release its commercial potential, and there may even be retaliatory development. 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