“Complaint-processing-return visit” has formed a closed loop to optimize the law-based business environment

2022-06-12 0 By

“Thank you leadership, can help our enterprise a lot, did not expect to help us solve the problem so quickly, really saved life ah” the head of an enterprise said excitedly.The person in charge of the enterprise is so excited, is the result of tongliao City public Security Bureau to help solve the problems affecting the development of enterprises.How long the problem plaguing enterprises has not been solved, through the public number that “service hotline of the chief of public Security”, “Mailbox of the chief of public security” and other channels to express demands, holding a try mentality, did not expect tongliao City Public Security Bureau in the first time to help solve the appeal.From “complaint-treatment-return visit” there are special personnel responsible, really let enterprises feel the tongliao public security “fast, fine, real, strict”.