Control plan to “maintain stability” Shandong pig pork market

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Ding Hao China development network and China economic herald reporter | Gao Yang earlier this year, according to the National Development and Reform Commission and other five ministries “about print and distribute” improve the pork reserve adjustment mechanism Do a good job guarantee for steady pork market price plan > notification “spirit,The Development and Reform Commission of Shandong Province, the Finance Department of Shandong Province and other six departments jointly issued the Plan for Controlling The Market Prices of Live pigs and Pork in Shandong Province (hereinafter referred to as the Plan).Related person in charge of the price department of Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that the issuance of the control plan is aimed at improving the government’s pork reserve regulation mechanism, comprehensively improving the market price control ability of pig pork, stabilizing the market price of pig, and safeguarding the interests of producers and consumers.”Plan”, stressed that must adhere to the livelihood of the people first, focus on the live pig supply security, promote purchasing and control ability, adhere to the coordination, hurry to two or morethings, accurate and efficient principle, speed up the building to have a clear division of responsibilities, harmonious and unified, flexible and efficient government pork reserve adjustment mechanism, standardized operation, reasonable guide to face the market risk and natural risk, market main bodyEffectively smooth the “pig cycle” fluctuations, to ensure relatively stable pig production, effective supply of pork market and overall stable price.Monitoring, early warning, monitoring and analysis.The key links and breeding cycle of the pig industry were taken into consideration in a coordinated way, and the monitoring and early warning index system was improved, with the focus on tracking and analyzing changes in pig grain price, the change rate of breeding sows, and the average retail price of lean meat in 16 districts and cities in Shandong province.Among them, the ratio of pig and grain price was adopted by the ratio of the weekly average pig appearance price monitored and calculated by Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission to the average second-class corn wholesale price in the wholesale market. The ratio of pig and grain price corresponding to the break-even point of pig production was about 7∶1.The change rate of breeding sow stock was measured by monthly year-on-year and monthly change rate data of large-scale pig farms monitored by provincial Bureau of Animal Husbandry.The average retail price of lean meat (skinless, boneless and greasy pure meat) in 16 districts and cities in Shandong is adopted from the weekly average retail price of lean meat in major supermarkets and markets monitored by Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission.Information release.Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission publishes weekly pig price, piglet price, pig grain price and other information on the portal website.The Shandong Investigation Team of the National Bureau of Statistics regularly releases information on the stock of live pigs, the stock of fertile sows and pork production on its official wechat account.Relevant departments timely release pig-related policies and other information according to their functions and responsibilities, and guide market subjects to independently adjust production and operation decisions.Early warning mechanism.At the provincial level of Shandong Province, the ratio of pig and grain price, the change rate of breeding sow population and the average retail price of lean meat in 16 districts and cities were used as warning indexes, which were divided into three levels of warning: “one, two and three”. If any index reached the set conditions, it was regarded as entering the corresponding warning range and level.Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission will consult with relevant departments in a timely manner to confirm the warning level and the caliber of the warning information, release the warning information on the portal website, guide farmers to reduce or expand production in a stable and orderly manner, avoid panic concentration or irrational excessive replacement of the column, and prevent production, supply and price from fluctuating.Reserves regulate regular reserves.In order to meet the needs of market regulation and emergency release, shandong province and other cities have established regular government pork reserves respectively.An emergency reserve of a certain size shall be set up in the regular reserve to deal with sudden major disasters and other special circumstances.Provincial-level reserves shall maintain established conventional reserves (including emergency reserves), and the types of reserves shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations on provincial-level frozen pork reserves, and ways such as live pork storage shall be gradually explored.The regular reserve at the municipal level shall be arranged according to the relevant standards of urban permanent resident population to ensure a certain reserve scale.Reserve response in case of excessive price decline.When pigs were sold in a panic on a large scale and pig and pork prices fell sharply, temporary reserves were collected and stored to effectively “support the market”.Starting conditions: when the third-level warning is issued, temporary reserve collection and storage will not be started temporarily;When the second-level warning is issued, Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, together with shandong Provincial Department of Finance, Department of Commerce and Animal Husbandry Bureau, shall timely discuss the proposal of temporary reserve purchase and storage plan and submit it to Shandong Provincial government.When the first-level warning is issued or any province (autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government) within the region under the national AsF regional prevention and control mechanism starts the temporary reserve purchase and storage, Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission shall lead a consultation and put forward a proposal to start the temporary reserve purchase and storage plan, which shall be submitted to the Shandong Provincial Government for approval and implemented by the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce.The temporary reserve collection and storage initiated at the municipal level shall be implemented with reference.Reserve response to excessive price increases.When the market supply of live pigs and pork is tight and the price of pork increases obviously, the pork reserve of the government is released to increase the market supply in a timely manner and stabilize the market price.Two kinds of situations set start conditions: cyclical fluctuations in the market circumstances, excessive release of the higher level 2 warning, by shandong province development and reform commission and departments in shandong province, department of commerce, bureau of animal husbandry in consultation with in time, suggest government reserves flesh on the plan, after approval, reported to the government of shandong province department of commerce of shandong province lead to organize the implementation;When the first-level warning is issued, increase the release of efforts, and actively reflect to the relevant departments of the state, strive for the central reserve meat release;Risk of a major animal epidemic situation and other special circumstances, to raise prices or tolerance, released after level 1 warning, by shandong province development and reform commission and departments in shandong province, department of commerce, bureau of animal husbandry in consultation with in time, put forward the government reserve meat in key period focused on the planning advice, after approval, reported to the government of shandong province, shandong province business hall to take the lead to organize the implementation.According to the above conditions, various cities in Shandong province study and determine corresponding measures.We will coordinate policies to strengthen the primary responsibility of local governments.In accordance with the requirements of the “vegetable basket” mayor responsibility system, all cities in Shandong province have done a good job in stabilizing the local pork market production and ensuring supply, and have carried out random checks and supervision from time to time.We will increase self-sufficiency in production.Policy measures to earnestly implement the stable development of pig production, by increasing the investment budget, ensuring the pig industry land demand, strengthen credit and insurance policy implementation, guide the market main body, reasonable arrangement of production tuning productivity layout and structure, promote the development of whole industry chain of high quality, enhances the risk resistance ability of the market, promote the basic pig pork market supply and demand balance,Consolidate the basis for ensuring supply and price stability.Improve the cold chain logistics system.Improve the cold chain logistics infrastructure network, build urban cold storage distribution centers, and improve the efficiency and quality of cold chain logistics services.Encourage the government to further enhance the capacity of routine and emergency regulation of pork reserve through the establishment of storage warehouses or the determination of social storage sites that can be rented.We will strengthen oversight and management.Agriculture and rural areas, animal husbandry departments to strengthen feed safety, pig disease prevention and control and quarantine work;Strengthen animal epidemic surveillance, establish and improve the early warning mechanism of major animal epidemic;Timely handling of the epidemic in accordance with the National Emergency Plan for Major Animal Epidemic Outbreaks;Strengthen the supervision of harmless treatment of slaughtering pigs (meat) with diseases.Market supervision departments strengthened supervision and inspection of market prices of live pigs and pork, severely cracked down on illegal activities such as hoarding and price gouging in accordance with laws and regulations, and maintained market order for fair competition.We will strengthen oversight over food safety in the pork market.In order to ensure the effectiveness of regulation and control, the plan emphasizes the importance of “organizational guarantee”, including strengthening departmental consultation, strengthening coordination and linkage and ensuring relevant funds.According to the Plan, all cities in Shandong province shall, by referring to the plan, establish and improve the regulation mechanism of pork reserves in their region, organize the purchase, storage and delivery work accurately and efficiently, and promote the balance of supply and demand and the basic stability of prices in the local pig and pork market.