Sunday’s Ligue 1 game preview, clermont relegation battle, will it be 4 consecutive defeats?

2022-06-12 0 By

Leipzig red Bull pulled off a shock 4-1 win over borussia Dortmund in the bundesliga yesterday.In our traditional idea, football unpopular prediction and regularity and unpopular analysis are generally experts work, actually more when expert opinion is only reference, not necessarily accurate, their analysis and forecasting, master have initiative, and interesting, more freedom, this is what experts experience, if his master relevant football forecast and analysis skills,It can be done on its own.Traditionally, the big teams and the so-called big clubs are the most prone to upset, when everyone is looking at it and waiting for it to upset, it will not follow your thinking as you want to upset.Moving on to tonight’s ligue 1 action, Clermont v Nantes will take place at 21:00 on April 03, 2022.Clermont are 17th in the league and are fighting to avoid relegation, with two opponents in front of them, Troyes and Lorient, and only one point behind St Etienne.As for the worse, Mace and Bordeaux themselves thought they were ready to play and eat whatever they wanted.Clermont are an interesting team in that they are worse at home than away, and they have beaten a lot of other teams at home, like Lille and Rennes.However, only myself is not embarrassed, the embarrassment is all for others, the team is still in a series of rollops, at such a critical moment, has experienced three consecutive defeats, the team is a little weak in defense, 29 league games, a total of 51 goals conceded, an average of 1.76 goals per game, the defensive line is weak.This season, he has conceded 16 games and only made one comeback. He has zero resistance to pressure, which makes it difficult for him to score without making mistakes.Nantes are currently ranked ninth league, if again hard also have the opportunity to get a European quota of people, but has experienced two defeats, nantes have also in decline, but the defensive end, for a ball ability strong, good at stealing the ball from the other feet, take long shots, this game can caused great damage to claremont,Randall Colomonie and Blass are the team’s leading strikers with 18 league goals between them.The feeling is that nantes will forget that they were in the relegation play-off last year and can’t afford to lose against him, you know?From this game’s current sports index trend, the advantage all the way to Nantes, in the home team in need of points, performance is also a sharp decline in the situation, do cold trend does not have too much meaning, so I am still very confident that Nantes this game can be away from the whole body.North share: draw and lose to Nantes unbeaten