The problem of corruption and poor level of men’s football has reached the point that must be solved (II)

2022-06-12 0 By

There are comments that the problem of men’s football is not that they have too much money, but that they have too much money to deal with properly.Then ask again, what is the original sin of the men’s soccer team’s poor performance?Those posts indirectly pointed to the football system as the original sin of the poor performance of men’s football, that is to say, the original sin is not the money, but the football system is not good, the system has ruined the money.That’s right. Under the current football system, the Chinese Football Association contracts with foreign coaches, and no matter how good or bad the Chinese men’s football team is, the foreign coaches get paid the same.The professionalized Chinese Super League does nothing to improve the level of men’s football, but is a hindrance.When the men’s football team plays the World Cup qualifiers, they are not thinking about whether they can qualify or not, but they are thinking about not getting injured, lest they delay their trip to the Chinese Super League to earn big money.More famous people in the video revealed that in order to join the football team, even a very junior team, you have to pay.In this system, men’s soccer players are not thinking about the honor of the country, not the expectations of the people, but whether they can make a lot of money.Have this kind of psychological work, men’s football team in the World Cup qualifiers of all kinds of ugly things, strange is not surprising.Therefore, the Chinese Super League must be disbanded, the men’s football team must be disbanded, must be overthrown and start again.Check online “Wei Shaohui”, the former leader of the Chinese football team, can not enter the team without paying the money.Cause Chinese football false black gambling epitomizes, is he destroyed Chinese football!What do you think about the issue of men’s football?Leave a comment in the comments section.Reading men’s soccer (omit) level of corruption and poor problem to the extent that must be solved – today’s headlines