Worst in 13 years!Cristiano Ronaldo has failed to score in six consecutive games: an empty net, an offside assist and a goal disallowed

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Manchester United drew 1-1 with Southampton in the 25th round of the 21/22 Premiership season.Cristiano Ronaldo, who returned to the starting line-up, remained motivated enough to cover both ends of the attack and defence, but still failed to impress.In the game, Ronaldo 1 goal and 1 assist were disallowed, suffering a 6-game drought.The Cristiano Ronaldo crisis continues.It was Ronaldo’s longest drought (six games without a goal) in a club competition since January 2009.The question of Cristiano Ronaldo’s condition is a hot topic of discussion among Manchester United fans these days.Ronaldo had failed to score in five games before the match, the Portuguese star’s longest drought since September 2010.Recently, the Manchester Evening News pointed out that Ronaldo likes to walk and cannot score goals recently, he was juve’s biggest problem, but now it seems to be a very obvious problem for United, with whom ronaldo’s honeymoon period is over.Moreover, Ronaldo, who turned 37 last week, recently complained to friends that for the first time in his career he felt older.Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the starting line-up, breaking into a big smile and flashing white teeth as he faced the cameras.In the 7th minute, Ronaldo quickly stepped in the middle of the road, grabbed the ball before the goalkeeper, swinging the Angle after pushing the empty goal, but it is such an easy push like the boat, but too light, was blocked by the defensive players in front of the door, Ronaldo did not enter the empty goal!During the match, the details of Ronaldo spitting were also noticed by the fans, as if this is also a psychological hint to throw out bad luck and usher in a New Year?The 34th minute, C arm down the other side of the players, the referee signalled C luo foul, C Luo showed habitual helpless smile, also full of white teeth, he raised his hand high horizontal in mid-air, and did the arm horizontal block action, seems to tell the referee: I am too tall, arm subconscious block the other side fell.And 1 minute later, Cristiano ronaldo forward line missed the opportunity to take the ball, lost the opportunity to attack.In the 41st minute, Ronaldo took the ball twice on the right side of the penalty area.Second header transition, easily into the middle.But Ronaldo’s efforts, have not been able to help teammates form a good opportunity to attack.In stoppage time, Ronaldo pulled up to the left of the field, picked up the ball and sent a cross for Pogba to score, but the linesman quickly raised a flag to disallow the goal and disallow ronaldo’s assist.As Southampton equalised, United stepped up their attack and repeatedly attacked Southampton’s goal, with Cristiano Ronaldo’s shot from a tight Angle blocked by the keeper.After a few times in front of the flanking, Ronaldo rarely take the ball attack opportunities.Cristiano ronaldo, now almost a pure opportunist, is less likely to score once he is denied the ball.In the 66th minute, Ronaldo made a quick run down the left of his own side and was knocked down on his return pass.At this time, Ronaldo just like a full-back, high morale can be seen.In the 72nd minute, Ronaldo took advantage of a free kick to move in front of the goal. After crossing the ball, ronaldo was caught and headed the ball in front of the keeper from close range.After the goal ronaldo looked very natural, there was no fierce celebration and venting.But soon the referee signaled the goal was offside, Ronaldo was quite emotional, quickly ran to the referee for theory, but could not change the result.The 91st minute, Ronaldo again deep back to participate in the defense, and the ball successfully broken down.The last moment, Ronaldo still does not show to give up, the bottom line outside the ball rushed into the entrance.But on the other side, as the camera focused on the Manchester United fans who had come out early, the “dream theatre” looked bleak in the rain.Despite his best efforts, Ronaldo was unable to change the situation as he and His Manchester United were forced to settle for a draw.The rain failed to dampen the passion of “dream theatre”, but let Ronaldo’s lifeline drifting further and further away.Still unable to change his predicament, he and his Manchester United were forced to swallow a draw.The rain failed to dampen the passion of “dream theatre”, but let Ronaldo’s lifeline drifting further and further away.