A mysterious figure has appeared to cheer for the Chinese women’s volleyball team, with details revealed that the new captain is not Li Yingying

2022-06-13 0 By

The new Chinese women’s volleyball team has officially started training, which also indicates that the preparation for the Paris Olympic Games is in full operation.In the first day of training, 63 athletes, 17 women’s volleyball coaches and security team all appeared.Everyone performed their respective duties and completed the training content methodically.And when the new head coach CAI Bin guided the speech, the team wearing red training uniform neatly lined up, a large area of red is spectacular, which also implies that the future Chinese women’s volleyball team will be prosperous, Chinese red will sweep the world volleyball world.At the end of the training, the new Chinese women’s volleyball team also had a big photo, the family photo of nearly 100 members is unprecedented.But we are more puzzled that the C is a person we are not familiar with, that the mysterious figure is who?In the following [together to the Future] Chinese women’s volleyball mobilization meeting, the answer was revealed, the mysterious figure is liu Guoyong, a member of the Party group and deputy director of the General Administration of Sport of China.The deputy director personally supervised the first training session of the National women’s Volleyball team, which also proved that the general Administration of Sports attached great importance to the new National women’s volleyball team and determined to revitalize the national women’s volleyball team.At the meeting, Liu Guoyong, deputy director of the National Women’s Volleyball Team, emphasized that we should deeply understand the value of the spirit of women’s volleyball in the new era, closely focus on the core of inheriting and carrying forward the spirit of women’s volleyball in the new era, clarify the mission and responsibility of the new national women’s Volleyball team, and do a good job in the preparation for the Paris cycle with the spirit of “winning”.It seems that the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s defeat in the Tokyo Olympic Games is still a little hard to forget, and think that the defeat in the Tokyo Olympic Games is that we did not fully play the indomitable spirit of the women’s volleyball team.This point can also be reflected in the spirit of women’s volleyball team from CAI Bin’s guidance.At the meeting, Yuan Xinyue, the first high assistant player of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball team, was also chosen to speak on behalf of the athletes.Yuan Xinyue said in the next days to work together with everyone, strive to do a good job in every day training work, in the competition to play a good technical level, the excellent results for the country win glory.And always keep in mind the spirit of the Women’s volleyball team, and never give up until the end, inheriting the baton of the spirit of Chinese women’s volleyball team.Yuan xinyue from the heart of the true feelings, also won warm applause.After the Tokyo Olympic Games, as Zhu Ting is temporarily absent from the National women’s Volleyball team due to injury surgery, the position of the captain of the National Women’s Volleyball team will be another person, and the Internet is the most suitable candidate for the captain is the main attacker Li Yingying, but judging from this meeting, yuan Xinyue is likely to be the captain of the New China Women’s Volleyball Team.Yuan xinyue is an Olympic champion, and she is very mature both in terms of personal skills and age.Another important point is that Yuan Xinyue is very passionate in the match, which can also drive other teammates, coupled with her absolute height advantage, the stand before the net is full of arrogance.So the new Captain of the Chinese women’s volleyball team might be her!