Baoding Dingxing: The rural revitalization of the “get rich flower” villagers to get rich and increase their income

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Baoding February 24, recently, in Baoding City Dingxing County Longhua Village Jingxiong nonggu orchid industrial park, orchids, colorful, visitors are enjoying the taste of spring.Flower farmer Wei Lanhong is weeding the seedlings among the dense orchid seedlings.Visitors are looking at the phalaenopsis orchid.Dingxing county propaganda department for flower farmers wei LAN Hong is weeding seedlings.Dingxing county party committee propaganda department for the map “these are just moved out of the tissue culture room, to timely weeding, otherwise affect the growth of orchid seedlings.”Wei LAN Hong said while careful patience to repeat the same action.Dealing with orchids every day seems to make her more energetic in her fifties.”I came to the orchid base the year before last. I was working in the vegetable greenhouse before, growing vegetables turned into planting flowers, and my salary is much higher than before. Besides, the environment here is good and I can also learn something.Wei lanhong says she can now earn more than 3,000 yuan a month, close to home and a steady income. The job makes Her smile.A staff member is arranging flowers in front of the orchid booth.Dingxing county party committee propaganda department for figure in the orchid base the most busy season, flower farmers every day to “accompany” orchid 8 and a half hours, and Wei LAN Hong work in various posts there are 35 people, they are the women of the village, the head of tissue culture room Wang Hong is also one of them.In the tissue culture room of a sterile workshop, Wang Hong, dressed in a white lab coat, watches the growth of flower seedlings.”Seedlings in the bottle cultivation, artificial sorting and then light irradiation, different specifications of varieties of seedlings light irradiation time and intensity is not the same, according to the growth rate of the general irradiation of two to three months can achieve seedling requirements.You see, these wenxinlan can be moved out soon.”Talking about seedling, Wang Hong confidently introduced.Wang Hong is checking the growth of tissue culture flowers.Dingxing county party committee propaganda department for map wang Hong, 41 years old this year, has been working in the orchid base for three years, from the initial “layman”, to now, in addition to learning and a love.”I used to work outside, so I didn’t care about my children and family. I like flowers, so I happened to catch up with the recruitment of our base at that time. After knowing that the salary was good, I took a try attitude to work.I can earn my salary by watching the base develop better and better.Wang hong said.It is understood that Beijing xiong Agricultural Valley orchid industrial Park is the largest orchid tissue culture seedling base in North China, located in Dingxing County Xian Yu Town Longhua village, covers an area of 1000 mu, the construction of the industrial park, directly and indirectly affected the lives of the surrounding villagers, more than 1500 farmers to increase their income and become rich.Now 10 million seedlings are grown in tissue culture every year, producing 1.25 million finished orchids.After the completion of the construction period, 30 million seedlings can be cultured in tissue culture every year, and 3.5 million orchids can be produced, with an annual output value of about 120 million yuan.The average income of more than 100 villagers who became industrial workers increased by more than 30,000 yuan, and the annual income of the village collective increased by more than 4 million yuan.”After the third phase is completed, we will invite more local villagers to live a happy life together.”Wang Hong is looking forward to the future.(Liang Jie)