Girl genius vs. Girl genius!Sildaru calmly faced the third-place finish

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Gremaud of Switzerland won the women’s freestyle ski slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 15. Gu Ailing won the silver medal, while Keli Siirdaru of Estonia took the bronze.Sildaru had previously held a press conference on his arrival in Beijing, expressing his desire to win gold.Siirdaru is this season’s ISAF World Cup slopestyle champion.At the 2020 Lausanne Olympics, Siirdaru won the downhill slopestyle gold medal and Gu won the platform and halfpipe gold MEDALS.In 2017, she suffered a knee injury and missed the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, so she said at a press conference in early February, “This is my first Winter Olympics and I cherish it. My goal is to win gold.”Domestic attention began to focus on Sildaru when she competed with Gu Ailing, both of whom competed in three sports at the Beijing Winter Olympics, and both of whom were called “gifted girls”.Born in 2002, Silda Ruruk is a year older than Gu and has been dubbed a “genius” since she won a gold medal in slopestyle at the WORLD X Games at the age of 13.Gu, who is popularly known as the “genius girl” in China, debuted in 2018 and rose to fame later than Sildaru.However, with gu’s rapid rise, the competition between Gu and Siirdaru has become more and more intense in the past two years. Gu has won more victories in halfpipe and platform events, while Siirdaru has beaten Gu in slopestyle events.But in the final on The 15th, Sildaru performed well overall, but not enough to contend for gold.Not only did she make a mistake on her second jump, she failed to win the gold medal on her third.”I did what I had to do and I’m proud of it,” sildaru said, smiling and calm throughout her post-match interviews.During my race, I just focused on my skis and enjoyed it, not the ranking, and I’m also very happy to get bronze.”Despite this, Sildaru became Estonia’s first ever Winter Olympic medalist in freestyle skiing with a bronze medal, and Estonia’s youngest ever winter Olympic medalist.(Original title: “Genius girl” vs. “Genius girl”!Seal up to face the third grade LuPingJing) source: Beijing daily client | journalists Li Yuanfei 陈嘉堃 Deng Fangjia Pan Zhiwang process editor: u010