Huawei phones can only knuckle screen shots?It’s too out

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Screen capture is a common function on mobile phones. Huawei mobile phones support multiple screen capture methods, including knuckle tapping, three-finger sliding, key combination, space gesture, scrolling, and custom shape capturing.This method is applicable to most models of Huawei phones.You can click “Settings” in turn.”Accessibility” >”Quick Start and Gestures” >Screen Capture: Turn on the knuckle Screen capture switch.Where you want to take a screenshot, you can take the full screen by slightly pressing with one knuckle and double-clicking the screen in quick succession.Click “Settings” in sequence for three-finger slide screenshot.”Intelligent Assist” & GT;”Quick Start and Gestures” >”Screenshots” & gt;”Three-finger Slide Screen Capture” Turns on the “three-finger slide Screen capture” switch and slides down from the middle of the screen with three fingers to capture the entire screen.Capture the full screen by pressing the power button and volume down button at the same time.You can click “Settings” in sequence to capture the gesture screen.”Accessibility” >”Quick start and Gesture”, “Gesture in space”, open “screen capture in space” switch.To take a screenshot, place your palm towards the screen, pause half an arm away from the screen, and make a fist when the top of the screen appears.This method is only applicable to high-end HUAWEI phones, HUAWEI Mate 30, HUAWEI P40, and HUAWEI Mate40 series.The above screenshot can only capture the content displayed on the current screen, but how to capture the content beyond the screen?Method a.Tap the screen with your knuckles and keep them on the screen. Draw “S” with a little force. The screen will scroll down automatically.During scrolling, click the scrolling area to stop taking a screenshot.Method 2.Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel and click Take a screenshot to start taking a screenshot.Click on the captured screen within two seconds, enter the editing interface, select “Scroll Screenshot”, the screen will automatically scroll down and continue to screenshot.During scrolling, click the scrolling area to stop taking a screenshot.Custom Screenshot Tap the screen with one knuckle and drag the knuckle to draw a closed graph along the screen area to be captured.You can also click the screenshot box at the top of the screen to support various shapes. After operation, click save to complete the screenshot.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to small fish talk about digital