Is coming!Pengshan first public care garden garden, the original TA

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@ Pengshan parents school is coming Pengshan District Xueyuan Road kindergarten nursery class has been ready for the spring school so, this Pengshan district first public nursery garden garden in the end how let us go to see it!The issue of people’s livelihood has always been the concern of the whole society.In the report on the work of meishan Municipal Government in 2022, the work of childcare has been included in the top ten practical matters concerning people’s livelihood. As one of the two provincial pilot districts and counties selected by the city, Pengshan has the courage to take the responsibility and take the lead.Xiaobian learned that there are a total of 40 nursery classes in Pengshan Xueyuan Road Kindergarten, and there are 8 nursing staff in the nursery class, including 6 nursery teachers, 1 nursery teacher and 1 nutritionist.All the preschool education teachers and the related personnel of the childcare service are college degree or above with preschool teacher qualification certificate, and have completed a series of professional pre-job training.In order to allow infants to have a safe and healthy growth environment, many places of Xueyuanlu Kindergarten nursery classes use log materials, natural modeling decoration and simple friendly furniture accessories, creating a comfortable and natural atmosphere like home.The interior walls are mainly colored with eye-protecting green, and the light-colored solid wood pattern wall echoes the tables and chairs, making the interior light bright and soft.Of course, each class is also equipped with piano, straight water dispenser, disinfection cabinet, air conditioning, TELEVISION and other modern facilities.In addition, Xueyuan Road kindergarten also has a spacious outdoor activity space, its configuration is also very complete.Slides, blocks, toy balls, climbing walls…All kinds of children’s entertainment are available.Collection and writing: Xu Ran Tu Lidan Editor: Weng Guangjian Review: Shuai Jia photo source: Pengshan District Photographers Association