Jinke Shimao Green Capital Mission Hills Mansion: Artisans build a happy home, the city ideal sunshine healthy residential area

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How about Jinke Shimao Green City Mission Hills?Buying a house really can not be perfunctory, such as a good environment, good supporting facilities, good brand, good property and good products, the same can not be lacking.Jinke Shimao Lvdu Mission Hills Mansion is just such a set of environment, supporting facilities, big brands, quality property and good products in a cost-effective real estate.Jinke shimao green mission hills mansion is billions of jinke, shimao group, green real estate triangle as book, China’s leading service provider – shimao life, a new lifestyle provider and operator – green, together with the “good life” jinke integrating the resource of their own advantages, with the heart of the quality of tradition of craftsmen build good room.The three brands unite with the strong momentum, leading the quality of life with Mission Hills mansion, creating an ideal residential boutique project.Jinke Shimao Lvdu Mission Hills Mansion is located in the center of Xinyue Lake plate, occupying the hub of two axes and becoming a potential stock that cannot be ignored.The project is separated from Wuyue Plaza, which contains Yonghui Supermarket, KFC, Xingyi Cinema, etc., giving life more convenient and wonderful;With Nanchang 28 xinyue Lake branch school (under construction) linear distance of about 800 meters, there are new cultural center, Xinyue Lake stadium in the side, from childhood edify the style of learning self-cultivation, let the children in the healthy growth of fragrant books;The project has qianhu Avenue Express Road, Fengsheng Expressway and other urban main roads. The five horizontal and four vertical three-dimensional transportation network connects the prosperity of the city and makes travel faster.Jinke Shimao Green Capital Mission Hills planning eight themes, about 2000 square meters ceremony sense entrance, reverence life ritual order;About 1000㎡ waterscape space in the middle axis, enhance the sense of homecoming ceremony;About 1300 square meters of comprehensive activity space, bringing oxygen-rich healthy life;About 1600 square meters of outdoor living room space, is a friendly social space;About 1000㎡ sunken courtyard space is a quality life scene;About 1800 square meters center lawn, with multiple life enjoyment;About 600 square meters of elderly comprehensive activity space, so that the elderly comfortable old life;About 800 square meters of children’s activities space, protect children’s happy childhood.Project artisans create Oriental poetic garden, add a touch of comfort to life.Jinke Shimao Green City Mission Hills has launched intelligent technology system to achieve full coverage of life scenes at different levels of space, and create safe, convenient and caring living space with wisdom to bring more intelligent life to everyone.Gas detector, public area real-time monitoring, every moment for home guard;Face recognition, qr code access, smart car shop, convenient and carefree home;Big community APP, one-click repair, happy to enjoy intelligent life.The project adopts China’s top 100 real estate service enterprises – Lvdu Property, with national first-class qualification.Lvdu property adhere to the concept of “serving beautiful life”, customize personalized property services for owners, create shared space, and create a more humane community.Nanchang new house _ Nanchang new property _ house price information – Nanchang property network