Pan Shiyi: Donate money to Harvard, is for the poor Chinese students, Gold star: why don’t domestic universities donate

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Pan Shiyi is a familiar entrepreneur.His ability to rise from a poor boy with nothing to a business tycoon is indeed admirable.His life is a life worth learning from, and his mind worth learning from and learning from.However, despite his enormous success, fortune and fame, Pan shiyi’s personality is riddled with controversy and accusations that will continue to surround him.Whether the dispute is right or wrong will be judged by future generations.Pan Shiyi was born in Tianshui, Gansu province in the 1990s. He is a small place of humble appearance.No one expected that a few years later, this place would have a nationally known and influential figure.Pan Shiyi from primary school, smart talent has been shown.He was not the kind of person to learn foolhardy, nor did he reach the level of hard work, but his grades came out on top.He knew the skills and methods of learning, just as he knew the special ways of doing business.Although Pan Shiyi’s family is poor and lacking in material, his spiritual food is abundant in the family atmosphere.Pan shiyi’s grandfather was a famous general and highly regarded in the last century, and Pan shiyi’s father was a top student in the last century.Under the influence of his father, Pan shiyi was not to be left behind. When he was in primary school, Pan shiyi wore pants made of many pieces of fabric stitched by his mother. He felt uncomfortable on his face, but in his heart, he really encouraged himself to change the status quo.Pan Shiyi was admitted to the university with the second highest score among more than 600 students. At that time, people who could receive higher education were very rare, and he was truly the favored son of Heaven.Education gave pan, who was already intelligent, a strong foundation for his future success.2, Pan Shiyi is how to start?After graduating from college, Pan entered a state-owned enterprise with a stable job and good benefits.If Pan Shiyi is satisfied with the life of nine to five, then there is no Pan Shiyi in this world.Pan Shiyi after a few years of class, feel the rapid development of The Times, want to do a petrel, fighting in the tide of The Times, do not want to be content with the status quo.He quit his job and jumped on the real estate boom, making more money in his first year than he could have in his entire career.In the real estate field of the first bucket of gold, so that Pan Shiyi had entrepreneurial capital.He started a bigger business, and his Soho Group had the capital to get started.Truly let Pan Shiyi career into rocket development speed from wife Zhang Xin’s help.Zhang and Pan met at a cocktail party in 1994.Pan Shiyi by the glamour of this woman at the moment, take the initiative close to Zhang Xin.At the time, Pan was 31 and had been divorced twice.Zhang xin was impressed by the sincerity and ability of the young man in front of her, and decided to date Pan at the first meeting. Pan proposed to Zhang shortly after, and the two were married.Zhang Xin has a global vision and ability, and her oral English is equivalent to that of foreigners.She helped pan shiyi’s SOHO company attract a large amount of foreign capital, injected vitality into the company’s development.Soho company in many real estate companies can ride the dust, stand out from the crowd, and Zhang Xin is quite capable of design planning is inseparable.Soho can stand out among many real estate companies, because the real estate projects designed by SOHO are quite distinctive, creating a precedent of model rooms, giving customers a good living experience, gradually opening the company’s popularity, and setting up a benchmark of industry characteristics.The success of soho cannot be denied. Pan shiyi’s shrewd business mind is also admirable. However, in terms of personal character, Pan Shiyi is controversial.The tide of the development of The Times, so that Pan Shiyi grabbed the first bucket of gold entrepreneurship, as The Times advance, Pan Shiyi couple from the pot full full.It is no exaggeration to say that The Times endowed Pan Shiyi and his wife with hundreds of millions of wealth.In 2005, Pan shiyi and his wife established the SOHO Foundation, which donated 100 million US dollars to Harvard University and Yale University in the United States, to support the poor Chinese students who entered Harvard University and Yale University, so that their life and study will be more free from worries.It is this move that has caused great controversy among Chinese netizens.Venus asked him, there are so many good universities in China, why not donate?There are many well-known universities in China, such as Tsinghua university, Peking University and Zhejiang University. Why did Pan shiyi not donate money to these universities and turn around to donate money to foreign schools?One point worth noting is that after the couple donated to Harvard and Yale, the two sons of Pan Shiyi and his wife were successfully admitted to harvard and Yale.In other words, with an investment of $100 million, Pan and his wife successfully enrolled their two sons in prestigious universities.4, human nature, do not always stand on the moral high ground to criticize Pan Shiyi as a well-known entrepreneur in China, has a certain degree of influence, his move does make people feel a little angry, after all, the motherland gave him to grow and make money, but he turned to donate money to foreign universities.To be fair, no matter how rich or smart Pan shiyi is, he is also an ordinary person in life. He is a husband as well as a father. In order to let his son go to a good university and have a good future, there is nothing wrong with spending money to achieve this goal.We don’t have to judge people from the moral high ground.Just think a lot of parents can become bankrupt for their children, right?From this point of view, Pan Shiyi’s move is not improper.However, pan Shiyi, as a well-known entrepreneur in China, can donate money to Harvard and Yale University, but he should also think that there are many students in difficulty or in need of help in China who need his help. He should also spread his love to a broader field, rather than just donate money for his own selfish desires.If we can be poor, we can be good, and we can help the world, then Pan Shiyi’s reputation can be changed, and can be worthy of the title of an entrepreneur.