Pink freak check it out!A look at the pink punch-card shops in London

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It’s not just cherry blossoms that can make you feel the warmth and romance of pink in spring. More and more shops in London are taking advantage of this idea and turning their shops into a world of pink.Saint Aymes Cafe in Hyde Park, perhaps the most Instaglioned London cafe, has an decor that harmonizes with the menu, creating a magical world of pinks, purples and pastel hues.They offer a variety of sweet and salty snacks, as well as signature drinks, each said to be studded with 24ct of edible gold.In this pink romantic setting, every minute is prime time!If their menu isn’t enough to charm you, the pink wall of 50 hues is sure to charm you.59 Connaught St, St George'S Fields,London W2 2BBThe Gallery at sketchSketch is located in Mayfair, and many of you have seen it on social media. Who wouldn’t want to sit on a pink velvet sofa in the dining room?The dining scene is sumptuous, elegant and very, very pink, and it’s located in the posh Mayfair district, all of which makes it worth checking out for a spot and a blockbuster.Conduit St,London W1S 2XGFranks Cafe Most people come to these romantic shops to take pictures. The 10th floor of Franks Cafe is the perfect setting for taking pictures. The listening rooms are painted pink.It’s beautiful in every way!The rooftop bar serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine and overlooks South London. Sure you wouldn’t want to visit?The store is one of London’s most pink boutique chains, and you’d think it would look pink if you looked at the decor. Even the installation unicorn is pink, and of course there are flower walls and neon lights to decorate the store’s pink color.In addition, the food here can also give you a sense of their passion, the pink Paradise serves you breakfast, brunch, lunch, cake and coffee, let everyone enjoy their pink wonderland.Nail’s It Nail SalonNail'One of the most popular Nail salon chains on Instagram, d, a nail brand with seven locations in central London, is best known for its pink-toned surroundings, as well as its manicures.Naildit’s seven stores have a uniform but different style. Their soft pink pastels, pink floral displays and rose-colored armchairs are all for the blockbuster, as is the online celebrity flower bathtub.It’s not just the front of the store that’s so elaborate. The manicure seats are covered with flowers, and spring is in the air.What is the glamorous C treatment, this is the best place to check out.Address all over London Tonight Josephine Remember Mean Girls?In this place, you will be overwhelmed by the pink neon lights, the walls and decorations are pink gorgeous, let you embrace that passion of glitz and charm.And if the pink gift wasn’t enough, they’ve got a Mean Girls-themed afternoon tea to make you feel romantic.The cocktails are equally impressive, both in taste and color, for girls who are fans!If you’re in the market for tea, why not head to one of London’s most aesthetically pleasing teahouses?Mariage Freres, a French national treasure, has opened a five-story tea-themed mall in Covent Garden, home to most of the world’s tea, with 1,000 varieties from 36 different countries!If you go, be sure to visit their teahouse, where tea containers are stored in bright pink, romantic atmosphere and fragrance floating in the air, you will love the luxury here!If you live in West London, this cake shop is no stranger to you, after all, it is the most beautiful cafe in London.Weekday morning long long lines early, completely is the net beauty shop!The whole shop is a dreamy pink and purple, as pink as a princess, decorated with different flowers in different seasons, and there are also flowers and Christmas lights beside the window. Cakes, desserts and drinks are also following the line of online Beauty. If you order a cup of latte and signature cupcake at his house, you can fill the circle of friends with a snap of this shop.Pink will catch your eye before you even set foot in this Marylebone Dessert shop, which is decorated in various shades of pink, with mirrors hanging from the ceiling.It’s not just the looks, DYCE’s desserts are just as photogenic as his storefront. DYCE’s desserts include chocolate cake, cookies, doughnuts and, most importantly, milk tea!Palm Vaults “Palm Vaults” is located in the center of Hackney, and the name translates to Palm vault, which sounds pretty romantic, right?Decorated with lacy baskets, greenery and pink upholstered chairs, the interior is beautiful enough to attract a famous Instagrammer to visit for a photo shoot.Palm Vaults offers colorful lattes, simple meals, desserts, brunch, and a coconut-based vegetarian menu.But they are temporarily closed recently, you can wait for them to open oh!Address 411 Mare St,London E8 1HY