The annual bonus of civil servants may be stopped, the welfare of the iron rice bowl will be reduced?What does the official say

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In such a fierce social competition, college students have to face the reality of “graduation means unemployment”. Students study for more than ten years in order to be admitted to college and find a good job after graduation.However, it is not easy to find a desirable job due to the devaluation of education.So some college students choose to take an examination of civil servants, civil servants work stable, and welfare treatment is much better than other enterprises.But is it true that there is talk of imminent changes in the treatment of civil servants?Lower salaries for public servants, perhaps no year-end bonuses?According to the official website, the salary of civil servants consists of basic salary, performance bonus, various subsidies and year-end bonus. The basic salary of grassroots civil servants is not much, usually around 3,000 yuan.It’s hard to make ends meet on that, but when you add in performance bonuses, food, cars, and year-end bonuses, it can be a lot of money.Many people apply for the job because they are interested in the year-end bonus of public officials.Many civil servants are alarmed to hear that their year-end bonuses will be suspended.After all, civil servants’ salaries will be reduced after the year-end bonus is stopped, making it difficult to guarantee basic living expenses.So far, some provinces and cities have temporarily suspended the distribution of year-end bonuses for civil servants, while some regions have clawed back bonuses that had already been handed out.Such practice makes a lot of people have doubts, we discuss this in succession, for a time there are many kinds of views in the society.In view of the suspension of year-end bonuses for civil servants, relevant education departments have given a clear reply: the suspension of year-end bonuses for civil servants, the main reason is to improve the standard of year-end bonus payment.The government has decided to adjust the standard of annual bonus payment in order to equalize the amount of bonus paid to public officials, as many of them in remote areas do not receive annual bonus.If civil servants stop giving year-end bonuses, are university students still required to apply for the exam?From the official reply, we can know that civil servants’ year-end bonus is only temporarily suspended, when the new payment standard is established, civil servants can still get year-end bonus.In other words, even with the abolition of year-end bonuses for civil servants, civil servants are still worth applying for by college students for three main reasons. First, regular working hours.The working hours of civil servants are generally from nine in the morning to five in the evening, and there are few cases of overtime work. That is to say, the working intensity of civil servants is not very high, and it is also good for their health.And the social work intensity of other industries are very big, overtime is the norm, so a lot of people have occupational disease.Reason two: high cost performance.The salaries of civil servants are at the upper middle level in the region.Some big companies pay their employees a lot of money, but their work pressure is so high that it is not too much to say that their money is earned by their lives.In contrast, the work of civil servants is more relaxed, the pressure is not big, the price is very high.Reason 3: Job stability.People who work in the private sector face unemployment at any time, such as layoffs, young people jocking for positions, etc. It is not easy to find a job after unemployment.And officeholder need not have this kind of worry, on-the-job officeholder should not do illegal thing only, ability arrives emeritus commonly.The ashore difficulty of civil servant is big, college student can consider these a few jobs first is state grid.State Grid’s salary package is among the best among state-owned enterprises, including housing fund, social insurance, year-end bonus and various holiday benefits.Only the state grid’s recruitment requirements are higher, generally only recruit 985 college graduates.If you want to become a state Grid staff member, you need to participate in the written test and interview organized by the enterprise. Only after passing the written test and interview can you enter the company smoothly and sign the labor contract with the company.The second is China Tobacco.The welfare of China tobacco is no worse than that of civil servants, including five insurances and two housing funds. Statutory holidays are also normal rest, and the salary is much higher than that of civil servants.Different wage standards in each region are different, mainly affected by the income of the local tobacco bureau. If the income of the tobacco Bureau is good, the year-end bonus can be tens of thousands, and college students can consider working here.The third is military civilian.Civilian jobs in the army are also stable, and ordinary civilians are not easily laid off.And salary pay is higher, in the civil service personnel of probation period, undergraduate student monthly salary can achieve 7000 basically, master graduate student can compare undergraduate student much 400 500, doctor graduate student should compare undergraduate student much 1000 yuan or so, want to compare local average salary level on the whole tall.The most important thing is that the competition is low and the chances of passing are high.All in all, civil service is good, but not suitable for everyone.Before applying, make sure you know if you are suitable for the job. If you wait to quit after you pass the exam, you will waste a lot of time.What do you think of the suspension of year-end bonuses for civil servants?Welcome to comment.