The revival of the Shangri-La Caravan

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The Gardan Songzanlin Temple in northern Yunnan.The landscape recalls the image of Shangri-La imagined by James Hilton in his novel Lost Horizon.In the yunnan Shangri-La yunnan-Tibet Tea and Horse Ancient Road period of the tea and horse ancient Road, Kangba men led the team, perennial trek.This ancient Yunnan-Tibet road carries rich culture, but also left the story of the horse gang.In 1999, Constantin de Slizewicz, a French photojournalist and author, visited Shangri-La.From the moment he set foot on this land, he believed it was where he belonged for the rest of his life.Wanting to follow the style of the foreign expeditions to Tibet in the 1940s, Constantine met fellow Travelers in Shangri-La who shared a passion for the land, rented a compound and pasture, and founded Caravane Liotard.The caravan walks beside the stone Lake, which is 4,480 meters above sea level.Constantine’s Campers created a combination of hiking and tent Tours, customizing yet another way to open Shangri-La for domestic and international guests.More than 30 horses carry tents, rugs, cutlery, wine, candlesticks and more, all of which weigh nearly two tons, in order to give travelers an elegant adventure.The horses of the caravan carry loads, and bells inscribed with the words “Good weather” hang from their necks.Travelers spend their days trekking on mountains 4,000 meters above sea level, and at night enjoy comfortable tents on the plateau, complete with bonfires, wine, hot pot and French cuisine.Each morning, teams load camping gear onto the backs of horses and mules, a step that often takes more than half an hour.Constantine hopes that the caravan culture on the ancient Tea Horse Road will continue.The route of strolling horse gang is almost the most primitive route in the ancient tea horse road.Each trip lasts from 4 to 10 days and offers breathtaking scenery along the way.Camps are often located in scenic spots where travelers can admire mountains and woods.Local Tibetan herdsmen invite guests of the Stroller gang to their homes.The ancient Tea Horse Road is not bound by time and gathers people who are curious about nature.If the caravan was founded out of a passion for the mountains of men like Constantine, it was a reverence for nature and local culture that drove them through the years.The caravan rested on the way.Tibetan horse gangs continue the thousand-year tradition of the ancient Tea horse Road.”I’ve loved camping since I was a kid,” Constantine said. “It’s in my DNA.Ten years ago, when I started doing horse strollers, no one in China did elaborate camping.So many people in China are camping now because they need a break from their daily lives and are more willing to go back to nature.Camping is more like a lifestyle or a philosophy.”