What is collect establish share limited company?Collect what is process of establishing limited share company?

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The establishment of a joint stock limited company by public offering means that the promoters of a joint stock limited company subscribe part of the shares to be issued and the rest is publicly raised to form the company.The process of raising and establishing a joint stock limited company mainly includes the following aspects:1. Subscription of shares by the promoters After the establishment of a joint stock limited company by public offering with the approval of the competent government department, the company of the promoters shall subscribe for no less than 35% of the total number of shares of the joint stock company, and the remaining shares can be publicly offered to the public only after the promoters have paid in full the subscription amount.(2) Preparation of prospectus The sponsors shall issue the shares to the society and prepare a prospectus according to law.A prospectus is a promise of offering to the public and a requirement of offering to non-specific groups.Therefore, the operation manual should truthfully state the relevant facts.A prospectus is a necessary document for promoters to offer shares to the public, and can only be published after approval by the securities regulatory authority under The State Council.3. Signing an Underwriting Agreement and a Share proceeds Collection Agreement When offering shares to the public, the sponsors shall sign an underwriting agreement with a legitimate securities operating institution and an agreement on share proceeds collection with a bank.4. When applying for approval of the issuance of shares to the society, the promoters shall file an application for stock offer with the securities regulatory authority under The State Council and submit the main documents.Without the approval of the securities regulatory authority under The State Council, the sponsors shall not offer shares to the public.The securities regulatory authority under The State Council will decide whether to approve an application for stock offering based on whether it conforms to relevant laws and regulations.The securities regulatory authority under The State Council has applied for approval of stock offering, and should cancel it immediately if it is found not in conformity with relevant provisions.5. After the ipo promoter is approved to offer shares to the society, he/she shall publish his/her prospectus to the society and make a subscription form.The subscription form shall set out the items listed in the prospectus, and the subscriber shall fill in the specific subscription amount, amount and specific address, and sign and seal it.The subscriber shall have its capital verified by a statutory capital verification institution and pay the share payment and issue the certificate of share payment according to the specific number of shares subscribed.6. After the subscriber of the establishment meeting has paid the share capital and completed capital verification, the sponsor shall preside over the establishment meeting of the company within 30 days. The sponsor shall notify or announce the specific date of the meeting within 15 days before the establishment meeting.The establishment meeting shall be attended by subscribers representing more than 50% of the total number of shares.The main functions of the founding meeting are :(1) to elect members of the board of directors and the board of supervisors.(2) To review the sponsors’ reports on the preparation of the company.(3) The articles of association of the company are examined and approved.(4) Audit the establishment expenses of the company.(5) If the company’s business conditions change significantly or force majeure directly affects the establishment of the Company, the establishment meeting may make a resolution that the company cannot be established.It should be noted that when the founding Congress makes a resolution on the above matters, it must obtain the consent of more than half of the voting rights held by the subscribers present at the meeting.7. Application for establishment Registration The board of Directors shall apply for establishment registration within 30 days after the conclusion of the establishment meeting.The company registration authority shall make a decision on whether to grant registration within 30 days from the date of receiving the application for the establishment of a joint stock limited company.
To meet the requirements of the Company Law, business licenses will be issued.A joint stock limited company shall take the date of issue of its business license as the date of establishment, make a public announcement upon its establishment, and report the details of the shares raised to the securities regulatory authority under The State Council for the record.The above answers are for your reference. If you have any questions about industrial and commercial registration/change/cancellation, tax planning, qualification license, intellectual property, Shanghai settlement, etc., click your profile picture to enter the home page, welcome to discuss!Fuzhen enterprise service started in 2004, focusing on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide the full cycle of industrial and commercial tax collection services!Pay attention to me, understand the industrial and commercial tax knowledge and preferential policies every day!Details can be private letter consultation ~ want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Shanghai Fuzhen enterprise service