Beiqing think tank expert group entered Into Yuanhan Sports, “break the circle and enable” table tennis sports teaching industry integration

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On April 7, 2022, north Mr Qing think-tank Wu Shujiang, dean of school of business and the listed investment research institute, a think-tank qing led Dr Dean Shen Xingpeng opens the capital of the north qing, a think-tank, the exchange can assign action – entered the Beijing yuan he sports development co., LTD., ipos listed capital architecture and operational research, fu can “broken” table tennis teaching industrial convergence.Ahead of the formal start of operations in assigned to Beijing yuan he sports development co., LTD., founder, tsinghua university EMBA mba President feng yuan workshop reading his classmates join Beijing yuan he sports development co., LTD., general manager of professional Luo Chun, yuan he team coach, such as technical director Wu Junhan leadership for assigned to extend a warm welcome the arrival of the team.Mr. Feng Yuanhan, chairman of Yuanhan Sports, introduced the company’s development history, main business and the current attempt and innovation in the integration of table tennis sports and education industry, which broke the traditional inherent mode and cognition.Beijing Yuanhan Sports Development Co., Ltd. was founded in Beijing in 2017 by Feng Yuanhan, former captain of Liaoning Provincial men’s table tennis Team and national first-class table tennis player, together with domestic table tennis colleagues.The company takes table tennis as the core to carry out diversified business, its fields involve table tennis training, table tennis fitness, table tennis event hosting and wine brewing and other industries.At present, as the core brand of the company, “Yuanhan Ping-pong” has been successfully selected into the Chinese brand innovation and development project list.Yuanhan Sports is committed to creating “Yuanhan Table Tennis” into the top brand of folk table tennis training in China, taking it as its own duty to deliver table tennis students with special talent to domestic key universities and high-level athletes to national youth teams and national youth teams.From its birth to now, Yuanhan Sports has developed into a scale of “one, three pavilions and two bases”.Among them, Beijing Club is located at the 3rd floor of Block A and the 5th floor of Block B, Guangyi Building, Second ring Road, Xicheng District, Beijing. It has three halls with A total area of nearly 1400 square meters.One training base is located next to Friendship Primary School in Anshan city, Liaoning Province, covering an area of nearly 700 square meters, and the other is located on the second floor of building No. 1, Guifujin Street, Chishui City, Guizhou Province, covering an area of nearly 1,500 square meters.With the implementation of the national double reduction policy, the traditional education and training industry has been greatly impacted, and the sports training industry has ushered in a new development opportunity.According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics at the end of 2020, the total output of the sports education and training industry was 190.94 billion yuan in 2019, accounting for 6.5 percent of the total output of the sports industry in the same year.Compared with 24.76 billion in 2015, the sports training industry achieved a leapfrog growth during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.After the introduction of the “double reduction” policy, the sports training industry will continue to maintain a generally rising development trend.The implementation of the “double reduction” policy expects the coordination of “transformation, transformation and transformation”.To accelerate the development of physical education, society, family and school need to promote.Beijing yuan he sports development co., LTD., comply with the new situation, in order to “table tennis” as the breakthrough point, the company selected from the former national, provincial professional leagues retired comprehensive advanced technique and rich experience in teaching, high standard, started their strong sense of duty of high level athletes, coaches, as the club coaches, and invite quality comprehensive veterans in charge of the administration of the club,The students of Yida Club receive high intensity and professional table tennis skills training, at the same time, through semi-militarized management, improve the students’ self-discipline ability and strong will quality.As the founder of Yuanhan Table Tennis, Feng Yuanhan also introduced in detail the current innovative attempts on the integration of table tennis sports and education industry, and continued resource integration, cross-border cooperation and commercial innovation.In the form of question and answer, the enabling group had a detailed understanding of the brand honor, business results, revenue benefits and operation mode of Yuanhan Sports.Yuanhan also consulted the Enabling Group about the problems existing in the current operation mode, how to position the product in the later development, how to expand the market, how to better leverage the capital market and other important decision-making issues.Broken ring can assign thinking upgraded to a national sport promotion power Marty natalegawa can assign a team in the meeting after detailed understanding, Wu Shujiang dean, Dr Shen Xingpeng, Yao Zhengping affirmed the feng yuan, director of the leading enterprises in the new situation of his classmates try operating results and innovation, suggested that the future more focus on branding, commercialization and capitalization, adjust the structure of corporate assets, strengthen the brand upgrade,Make your business bigger and stronger.Upgrade the thinking of industrial investment to the thinking of capital!Beiqing Think Tank will also fully enable the incubation and upgrading of Feng Yuanhan’s enterprises, promote Yuanhan Sports to become bigger and stronger, focus on the needs and goals of customers, and continue to provide high-quality and diversified sports training.In China’s past, when it came to the word capital, many people would turn pale at the word. However, in the 40 years of reform and opening up, China has established a socialist market economy, which is undoubtedly a great change under the role of capital.With the emergence of BSE, BQTHINK tank will combine the actual needs of private enterprises, give full play to the advantages of intelligence and resources, dig and cultivate a group of “specialized and innovative” growth enterprises in the new era, give them a full range of energy, and boost enterprises to successfully land in BXSE, to achieve higher quality development!At present, the formation of multi-level capital market, small and medium-sized enterprises should grasp the capital end and chip end of the situation, break through the cognitive cage, establish financial macro thinking and logic.Do a good job in operating leverage while increasing the value of capital, to achieve a rising tide of development.Dr. Shen Xingpeng highly recognized and affirmed Yuanhan Sports. After years of accumulation and precipitation, Yuanhan Table Tennis has created its own core brand competitiveness and ranked first in the field of table tennis training in Beijing Xicheng District.In addition, enterprises should transition from heavy assets to light assets and expand the proportion of light assets.Improve coaching and standardized architecture;Expanding the product’s architecture (building a “moat”);Innovate business development model;Into capital, accept investment, strengthening the cooperation of the business aspects of dialogue, to yuan he sports current operation and upgrade existing problems and future development needs to strengthen the aspects has carried on the detailed explanation, yuan he sports related management personnel to benefit from a conversation, to assign to the team’s sincere communication sincere pay thanked!Feng yuan at first, he said the company in the aspects of team building, customer development, focus on brand building and market operation, mid now more focus on foreign cooperation and channel development, at the same time, also in actively build enterprise own talent reserve team, rapid development for the company completes the reserves, “talent” is the root of yuan he sports development and breakthrough!Meeting after the end of the qing dynasty, a think-tank, participants in the management of the Beijing yuan he sports development co., LTD., accompanied by visiting the meta sports table tennis training hall, experience the yuan has the characteristics of table tennis teaching mode, under the interpretation of his classmates in feng yuan on table tennis culture innovation has the experience and understanding, and the scene of some of the questions about the equipment, teaching are discussed in this paper.Through this in-depth exchange collision, with north qing yuan he sports development co., LTD., Beijing think-tank reached good cooperation agreement, through all aspects of resources yuan he sports a unique place in the market, to conduct a comprehensive capital can assign, depth discussion feasibility of ipo, culture industry research body pain points, solve the problem of table tennis training industry differentiation, qiangqiang cooperation,For the promotion of national football new chapter.Under the background of capital era, Beiqing think tank will help and accompany Beijing Yuanhan Sports Development Co., Ltd. to stand in the tuyere showing exponential growth!