China ping a number of generals, arrived in Sanya to participate in the new phase of training, Chen Meng backpack is particularly eye-catching

2022-06-14 0 By

On February 6, Beijing time, on the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, China’s table tennis stars have gone to Sanya, Hainan, in the Winter Olympic Games are under way, China’s table tennis stars are not idle, Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha and others have arrived in Sanya, Chen Meng took off his coat after arriving in the warm Sanya, this physical quality is really bull.As is known to all, winter has begun, and the Beijing Olympic mascot snow ice mound mound and taking the doll hand goods such as office also praised by the masses of the people, especially recently appeared ice mound mound “a pier is hard to find” the phenomenon, but even more difficult to buy, as Olympic champion Chen Meng early bought, it can be seen in the airport Chen Meng dressed in a black shirt,Pulled two suitcases, it is worth noting that Chen Meng backpack also hung ice pier pier and snow rong rong pendant, very eye-catching!Seeing that Chen Meng had the mascot, netizens left messages saying: “I envy Chen Meng so much, and I also want a Doundwen!””Envy, the champion is not the same, channels, early had a mascot!””, “dream ah, can have to hide well, wait carefully sasa to want to go!””, “Ah ah ah, this mascot pendant really want…”Besides Chen Meng, sasha also set off for the sanya, you can see sasha before departure also wear very thick, insulations is very warm, it is understood that the sasha’s mother also together to go to the airport, salsa, after all, this go to don’t go home for a long time, after training and games to play, the athletes the time at home is really very little.Recently, Sun Yingsha is also in the limelight, world Championships doubles champion, World Cup singles champion and other honors have shown sasha’s super strength, she will continue to refueling, strive for more gold MEDALS.Also state the hot Wang Man yu also caught by the fans at the airport, this time for a long time did not see the Wang Man yu players still so relaxed and spell able, is a cool girl, said she was also the big winner this time, since the Tokyo Olympic Games Wang Man yu are create surprise for us, the national games, world championships, macau is women’s singles gold medal harvest, her age is slowly arriving,Let’s look forward to the future development of Wang Manyu, come on!