Field management is accurate and efficient

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After rain, the temperature warms up.In Bengbu City, Anhui province, the main production area of high-quality wheat in China, 4.39 million mu of wheat has entered the green period, so the local government has seized the agricultural time and carried out field management.On February 23, longkang farm in Huaiyuan County, Bengbu city is ploughing and tubing a wheat field of 35,000 mu.”After planting in autumn last year, bengbu suffered from continuous drought and lack of rain.At present, after winter rain and snow, wheat has entered the green period, soil moisture is suitable, spring field management is also in full swing.Longkang farm deputy director Yang Junsheng told reporters that these days, agricultural technicians to monitor the seedling situation of wheat, found that as the temperature rises, weeds in the wheat field, the farm more than 20 large plant protection machines began weeding pest control operations.Yang Junsheng told reporters that Longkang farm has started to use remote video surveillance, field data collection, agricultural machinery operation supervision and other iot technologies.Real-time monitoring and accurate measurement of crop growth, disease, insect pests and grass damage, soil moisture and soil nutrients in the monitoring area enables researchers to master visual field production information without leaving home and obtain online guidance from agricultural experts, which improves the convenience and precision level of field management.Reporters also learned that in order to do a good job in this year’s spring farming work, Anhui Agricultural Reclamation Group early deployment, requiring the wheat production units to plan in advance, grab the key season of early spring, the implementation of “due to the ground due to seedling, promote the combination of control, to promote, disaster prevention and mitigation, disease and insect control” as the focus of the wheat field management measures.Agricultural Reclamation wheat production technical guidance expert group also carried out on-site technical guidance services at the same time, to assist the farm to do a good job in the green period wheat fertilizer and water management.In addition, ANHUI Agricultural Reclamation Group also carries out targeted technical guidance and training to promote the implementation of science and technology to strengthen agriculture, machinery to strengthen agriculture, to provide technical support for green efficiency of planting industry.Dongfeng Lake Farm Company cooperated with Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences to carry out high-yield wheat research activities with precision sowing, precision fertilization, fine management and anti-stress cultivation as the main technical mode, which led to the average sowing amount of dry-stubble wheat per mu decreased by 2 kg to 3 kg, saving cost of nearly 100,000 yuan.(Economic Daily Reporter Liang Rui) Source: Economic Daily