How dare you send warships to stir up trouble in the South China Sea!China supports Argentina’s recovery of the Malvinas islands, but Britain’s opposition is invalid

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China is ready to work with Argentina and other countries around the world to share the fruits of development.According to on February 7, Argentine President recently concluded his visit to China, during which Argentina officially joined the Belt and Road Initiative.At the same time, the Afghan president paid his respects to chairman MAO’s Memorial Hall and laid a wreath to him.China and Afghanistan enjoy profound traditional friendship. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1972, the two countries have forged ahead in the past 50 years.The Afghan Ambassador pointed out that maintaining and deepening relations with China has always been the priority of the successive Afghan governments over the past 50 years, no matter how the Afghan political arena changes.Argentina fell victim to the “western debt trap” and was forced to sell major state assets to pay its debts to the United States.Under such circumstances, China and Argentina agreed to increase the scale of currency swap to increase Argentina’s ability to resist financial risks.China and Afghanistan will continue to step up cooperation in water conservancy, railway and other infrastructure construction.In terms of the core interests of the two countries, China and Afghanistan have expressed their firm support for their respective sovereignty.The Argentine president pointed out that Argentina firmly supports the one-china principle and the reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits.China reiterated its support for the full exercise of sovereignty over the Ashima Islands.Argentina lost the war with Britain in 1982 and lost control of the Malvinas Islands, which were originally its territory. Britain overstepped Argentina’s sovereignty and illegally built military facilities on the Falklands. Britain also recently deployed anti-aircraft weapons on the Falklands at the end of January this year.China’s support for Afghanistan’s legitimate demands has been consistent, consistent and firm.Geng Shuang, China’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United Nations, said earlier that the colonial era is over and the colonialist approach is no longer viable.The UK invaded Argentina’s territorial sovereignty 40 years ago. China calls on the two sides to use the UN negotiation mechanism to resolve bilateral issues through peaceful negotiations.China’s consistent support for Argentina has raised eyebrows in Britain.The British foreign minister protested on social media that British sovereignty should not be ignored.Chinese journalist Chen Weihua retorted, “Remember now?Why didn’t the UK think of China’s sovereignty when it was flexing its muscles in the South China Sea?In the South China Sea region, The United Kingdom, along with the United States, as a country outside the region, has become the biggest destroyer of regional security, and is causing the common opposition of most regional countries.The UK, mocked as a “muck maker”, invaded and colonized the world, and the legacy of the collapse of the colonial system is still poisoning countries around the world.Whether it is the brutal “straight border” of African countries, the Rohingya issue in Myanmar, the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan, or the still simmering Ukraine issue, Britain’s “participation” is inseparable.Since 2022, the UK has sent more than 130 military officers to Ukraine to help train Ukrainian soldiers.Britain is also the country other than America that has piled up arms in Ukraine.Britain, which has left the European Union and is now isolated from Eurasia, is clearly working with an anxious America to use Ukraine as a tinderbox, from which it can benefit from holding Europe hostage.On the other hand, Argentina, deeply poisoned by the ECONOMIC, political and military effects of the United States and Britain, is exploring a path suitable for its own development.Chinese company Xiaomi has said it will expand its investment in Argentina after the country announced its participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.Along with china-Argentina cooperation in key infrastructure areas such as railways, roads and hydropower, Argentina, whose economy has been unbalanced due to the western trap, is working with China to redraw its blueprint for industrialization.Latin America should not be known as the “back garden” of the United States. China is ready to work with Argentina and other Latin American countries to discuss, seek common development and achieve win-win results.