Provincial fire departments to strengthen the Lantern Festival fire safety and stability

2022-06-14 0 By

Qinghai news network, big beautiful qinghai client dispatch (reporter TaYe correspondent xiang sun Marlena smalls report) to make the fire security work during the Lantern Festival, provincial fire rescue team combined with the current fire prevention and control, careful deployment, the various celebrations during the festival site and personnel intensive place for site monitoring and fire supervision and inspection,Vigorously promote the implementation of various work measures to ensure that the fire situation in the province during the festival continues to be stable.During the Lantern Festival, the province’s fire departments at all levels to winter and spring fire prevention and control as the starting point, combined with the actual situation of the region, strengthen the analysis and judgment, timely grasp the area of large mass activities held, organized fire supervision and law enforcement personnel to carry out inspection and guidance, urge the host units, organizers strictly implement fire safety measures.In particular, for large-scale mass activities organized by the masses themselves and released unofficially, fire departments intervened in advance and urged the event organizers to carry out fire safety self-inspection, emergency evacuation drills, fire safety training and fire facilities maintenance, strictly controlling key links such as oil, gas, water, heating and electricity.Focus on the rectification of illegal residents, illegal use of fire, electricity and gas, blocking evacuation channels, blocking fire truck access and other prominent hidden dangers, guide the event organizers to do a good job in fire safety work, independent inspection and testing of fire facilities in advance.During the fire department also increased the market in stores, tourist attractions, catering entertainment, transportation, logistics, warehousing, petrochemical and other key sites of inspections, supervision units for fire emergency plan, inspection, maintenance and fire control facilities, to carry out the duty patrol force, fight fire accident happened, at the same time, through a variety of ways to the masses to carry out fire control safety knowledge publicity,Popularize the knowledge of escape and self-rescue.At the activity sites throughout the province, fire and rescue departments adopt the way of on-site duty, dispatch the fire front duty force, implement the measures of fixed personnel, positioning and responsibility for on-site monitoring, to ensure that accidents can be dealt with in the first time.According to statistics, on the night of the Lantern Festival, the province set up 46 duty stations, 88 duty vehicles, 494 officers, for the masses to celebrate the festival to create a good fire safety environment.Xining city fire rescue detachment chengxi brigade Xichuan South road fire rescue station political instructor Chen Zi Xuan said, during the Lantern Festival, we carry out fire front duty in various personnel intensive places, fixed personnel, fixed, fixed responsibility.If there is a fire, we can deal with it quickly in the first time to ensure that the local people can have a happy and peaceful Lantern Festival.