Quite stable, or “country” font!One day 3 plots all sold smoothly

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To highlight!Since the opening of the land market, every piece of land has been sold smoothly, by the state-owned income bag.A large number of state-owned enterprises/central enterprises enter, the property market will be more and more stable this view, I have said……Leaving state-owned enterprises aside, today (March 30) smooth sale of three pieces of land quality?Let’s take a look.Of the three pieces of land sold in PART.01, two are located in Xingning East, different from the “fierce battle” of the previous land auction. Today’s land auction process is very smooth, the three pieces of land have their own owners in only ten minutes, and all are sold at the bottom price.Three pieces of land, two are located in xingning east, one is located in Xixiang Tang, which is the old land.First, let’s look at the two pieces in xingning East.① Plot GC2022-011 was won by Weining at a floor price of about 530 million yuan /㎡.The plot is located in the north side of Kunlun Avenue, Xingning District, covering an area of about 171 mu, which is the largest piece of land transferred this time.The required plot ratio of land is greater than 1.8 and ≤2.2, and the building height is ≤54 meters, which is obviously the improved plot for houses or villas.In addition, a kindergarten of 18 classes, a primary school of 42 classes and a vegetable market will also be built.Although the plot is located on the north side of Kunlun Avenue, it is still about 200 meters away from Kunlun Avenue, so it is not really located beside the main road of the city.There are advantages and disadvantages, travel need to detour a long distance, but not easy to be affected by the noise of urban main road.On weekdays kunlun avenue is crowded, easy to produce noise is obvious.② Land parcel GC2022-012, won by URBAN Investment With a total price of about 470 million yuan, 2,216 yuan /㎡ floor price.The plot is located on the east side of Changling Avenue, the north side of Tiande Road and the south side of Nakuang Road, covering an area of about 144 mu.The floor area ratio is required to be greater than 1.8 and ≤2.2, and the building height is no more than 54 meters, which is also the improvement plot of western house or villa products.In addition, an 18-class kindergarten is required to be built in the southeast part of the plot.The location of the plot is about 1.4km away from Kunlun Avenue, and embarrassingly, two of the three roads surrounding the plot are blocked.Among them, Nakuang Road is expected to open to traffic in the west section in June this year, while the adjacent nakuang Road belongs to the east section with unknown opening time.At present, tiande Road has only carried out land leveling, and the opening time is not fixed.Changling Avenue is open to traffic only to the end of the plot.▲GC2022-012 block map (source: 720 cloud) This time to take the land, weining, Chengtou for the first time into xingning East.PART.02 Xingning East has rolled out of line!As we all know, xingning east plate is nanning housing market “large supply”, in the sale of many real estate, rich types, product quality is also very high.Quite a volume.Currently known in the sale of real estate, jiahe city, Huaxia Yard, Yue GUI Xu Hui Fu Yi he Ting, Beitou Heyuan, Chang Tai Happy happy Song, Vanke fifth garden, Lianfa Zhenjing, Xingjin Junfu and so on.Whether it is just needed or improved, whether it is high-rise or foreign houses, or villas, villas, xingning East these real estate all can “catch all”.The housing type is more than one color, the balcony is enlarged, the gift of sunshine room is also a conventional means;Moreover, excellent garden design, excellent property service, solid and transparent construction technology also make people feel safe. Anyway, Toutiao Jun does not love every one he sees, but just heartbreak into many pieces.At present, the main price of each property is also very approachable: the unit price starts from 7 words, and the average price is about 10,000.It is conceivable that Weining and city investment are facing great pressure of competition.▲ Xingning East Panoramic aerial photography (photo: Zhao Xiang) Supporting facilities are relatively weak in Xingning East, the business is only the first Outlets, school resources are “plain”.However, compared with xingning east, the lack of the most, is still “road”.Toutiao, however, thinks the buildings here are very curvaceous and colorful, and very attractive for the improvement guest or retired person who is looking for a “paradise away from home”.PART.03 Rare · Old town old land to sell next look at xixiangtang old land.③ Plot GC2022-013, won by the track with a total price of about 430 million yuan, 3,355 yuan /㎡ floor price.Located on the west side of Zhongyao South Road, Xixiangtang District, it is divided into two plots, covering a total area of about 64 mu.The floor area ratio is required to be > 1.2 and ≤3.0, and the building height limit is ≤80 meters.Plot 1 requires a kindergarten of 6 classes with an area of no less than 3060 square meters.From the point of view of the plot requirements, the plot ratio of 3.0 is low compared with other old city plots, and it can be predicted that the future project (compared with the same lot) will have good living comfort.However, the two pieces of land are different in shape and size, which tests the planning and design skills of developers.▲GC2022-013 plot aerial photography (photo: Wei Kunlin) Since it is located in the old city, the supporting aspects must be mature: convenient transportation, convenient life, human fireworks is indispensable, in addition, there is the subway line 5 Xinxing Park station with support.In addition to the surrounding few in the sale of real estate, the future project on the market, will be very popular.Gc2022-013 plot, it has to make people associate with the old renovation project in Yao Road.In the past year, Nanning has released a large number of old city reconstruction project information, the new progress bar has been in full swing pull up.Xixiangtang district also like to mention the volume of 6000 mu of Zhongyao Road renovation project.To the east is Beida Road and Yonghe Road, to the west is Mingxiu Road, to the south is Jiangbei Avenue, and to the north is Daxue East Road, involving about 70,000 residents and about 21,000 houses.To Xixiang tang, can be said to be radical, is a radical transformation.As early as 2021, Toutiao Jun saw a lot of news on the Internet that “China Resources has taken over the renovation of Zhongyao Road”, but there is no solid information that China Resources has really taken over.Until March 17 this year, the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources announced three candidates for the old city reconstruction planning scheme of Zhongyao Road area, namely: China Resources, China Railway And Sunac.Indeed, there is China Resources.However, such a large number of information about China Resources taking over the renovation of Zhongyao Road appears on the Internet, which on the one hand confirms the intention of China Resources really taking over the renovation project, and on the other hand indicates that people in Nanning expect China Resources to accept the project.China Resources, after all, is reassuring.But the jury is still out on which developer will eventually take over.What do you think, fans?Article source: Live in Nanning nanning property market headlines