Spread rumors of the epidemic!Two people are being investigated!

2022-06-14 0 By

On March 25, Rao posted a message to a community owner group on wechat, saying, “Someone jumped off a building in xinmou Bay at 11 o ‘clock,” accompanied by a video.Fuzhou Dongxiang District public Security bureau immediately on Rao released information to carry out an investigation.After investigation, dongxiang district did not happen to jump off the building.Police found Rao mou fei himself verified, Rao Mou Fei admitted on the spot his fictitious information, in the wechat group issued false statements.On March 25, the Dongxiang District public Security Bureau reprimanded Rao.On March 25, Rao saw a message “someone jumped off a building in a Certain Linxuan community” in her wechat moments. Without verifying the authenticity of the message, she imagined the information of jumping off a building due to the epidemic, filmed it into a video, and posted it on a short video platform with the words “The epidemic, the jumping off a building”.Caused dozens of comments, caused a small number of people panic negative impact.Dongxiang District public Security Bureau to verify the situation of Rao Mou Qin, Rao Mou Qin admitted on the spot his fiction, false statements issued behavior.On March 27, the Public security Bureau of Dongxiang district gave a reprimand to Rao.Public security organs solemnly remind: the Internet is not a place outside the law, every citizen should be responsible for their own speech, must abide by national laws and regulations.Public security organs will resolutely deal with those who openly spread rumors in accordance with law.Netizens should not believe, spread or fabricate rumors, and work together to maintain a clean cyberspace and fight the epidemic with one heart and one mind.Source: Nanchang Evening News