“The familiar pyrotechnics are back.”

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Shangqiu resumed public transport operation at 0:00 on January 21. On the same day, the special bus lane on the west side of the south exit of Shangqiu railway station was put into use.On the morning of January 23, residents of the unsealed warm residential area are ready to go out to buy New Year goods after scanning codes and taking temperature measurements.In the face of the outbreak, shangqiu municipal party committee, municipal government conscientiously implement the party central committee, the State Council and the provincial party committee, provincial government decision deployment, deployed early, fast action and measures strictly, solidarity and lead the people of shangqiu, unity is strength, 勠 concentric force, vigorously carry forward the great spirit of resistance to disease, the full implementation of normalized epidemic prevention and control measures to push forward the epidemic prevention and control and the economic and social development.In the new round of the epidemic in 2022, There was 1 confirmed case and 1 asymptomatic infected person in Shangqiu, with no new case for more than 10 consecutive days. Shangqiu’s epidemic prevention and control work was fully affirmed by the provincial epidemic prevention and control Supervision Group.Since 13:00 on January 19, the city has lifted the control over the sealed control area, control area and prevention area of Suiyang District.Since 0 o ‘clock on January 21, the city’s main bus lines have resumed operation.At present, the production and living order of the city is being restored in an orderly manner.On January 4, an asymptomatic infected person was found in the small community located in the south of the east road at the intersection of Zhujiang Road and Guide Road, and the community was immediately put into lockdown.On the afternoon of January 19, the lockdown of the community was officially lifted with the approval of the Office of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters.”Really thank the epidemic prevention personnel, not them, how can our community so quickly lifted the lockdown, the familiar fireworks back!”Sweet village resident wang Zhongping said happily.Wang Zhongping said that on the afternoon of January 19, the community was officially unsealed, and everyone was so happy that they went out for air.During the containment period, the community set up epidemic monitoring stations at the gate of the community to ensure the life of the community residents. If they need to buy vegetables and medicines, they only need to say so in the community wechat group, and the staff will buy them and deliver them to the residents.Epidemic prevention personnel also went to the community again and again to eliminate and protect the safety of the community residents.Now, in order to support community work, community residents have organized more than 10 volunteers to register people coming and going at the gate of the community in case of accidents.”During the lockdown, I asked community workers to buy food several times without giving them money.”Zhang Hongmei, a resident, said that once in the middle of the night, her elderly family fell ill with stomach disease, and community workers had to go to several pharmacies to buy the medicine she needed.”At the beginning of the lockdown, there was a bit of panic. The community staff calmed the residents and did their work over and over again, so the epidemic prevention work was carried out smoothly.”Resident Mr. Li said.Feng Shuai, secretary of the Party branch of Aoyuan community of Suiyang District Xincheng Street office, said that during the seal control period, residents are more cooperative, the community has done a lot of work, the community can unlock so quickly.However, in accordance with the principle of “unsealing without controlling”, the epidemic monitoring points at the gate of the community have not been removed, but strict registration and temperature measurement of residents.City public transportation Co., LTD. : bus a disinfection, a ventilation “fellow passengers, for the health of you and others, please be sure to wear masks, sweep the code to get on the bus, keep a distance of one meter, after getting on the bus scattered take……”On January 20, the city’s main bus lines began to gradually resume operations, passengers can be heard when boarding the bus.At 10 o ‘clock yesterday morning, reporters in the railway station bus station to take 1 bus to the city’s first people’s hospital station.When getting on the bus, the driver, Master Ma, repeatedly reminded passengers to put on masks, scan the code and keep a distance of one meter when getting on the bus.There were not many people on the bus, and the passengers sat apart and kept a certain distance from each other.Almost no one was waiting at more than a dozen bus stations.”Although our vehicles are disinfected before each trip, not many people take the bus these days.”Ma said that most of the passengers on the bus these days are elderly people. Some of them use mobile phones that can not scan the code, so they can only register with their real names.Although the city’s bus lines have resumed operation, people are on alert because of the epidemic.”Although the epidemic has improved, it is better to take precautions. I would rather walk than take a bus when I can.”Mr. Wang said so.City public transportation Limited executive deputy general manager Zhang Weifeng told reporters, at present, the city only restored part of the urban and rural lines and the city’s main lines of bus operation.From the operation of these days, although the bus “a trip to a disinfection, a trip to a ventilation”, but affected by the epidemic, the public bus travel enthusiasm is not high.In the next step, the company will increase the number of vehicles and adjust the capacity according to the passenger flow.He also reminded passengers to keep at least 1 meter away from other passengers when waiting for or taking a bus during the epidemic prevention and control period, to avoid touching the carriage and its contents, and to use disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer immediately after getting off the bus.At noon on January 23, the reporter came to a hot pot restaurant on Yixing East Road for dinner. As soon as he entered the door, the clerk asked him to scan the code to measure the temperature, and also reminded him to keep a safe distance of one meter when eating.Zhang Ping, the restaurant’s operator, told reporters that the restaurant was allowed to open after receiving a notice from the epidemic prevention and control headquarters on The 21st, but customers were required to scan the code, measure the temperature, wear masks, and do registration work if they could not scan the code.Seating rate should not exceed 50% to ensure a safe distance between each table;Maintain good disinfection habits, disinfection before and after work every day to ensure that the prevention and control work is foolproof.”After receiving the notice of closing the store on January 6, our store actively cooperated with us. At that time, we thought that we might not be able to open before the Spring Festival, but we did not expect to resume business so soon.Thanks to the humane prevention and control management of the government, although there are not many customers, but we can open the normal business, we are also grateful.”Speaking of resuming employment, Zhang Ping’s face is filled with a happy smile.Zhang Ruyi, the operator of a restaurant on Yangtze Road, said to the reporter: “These days, we are very distressed to see the medical staff busy in the cold wind taking nucleic acid samples for everyone, young volunteers and community workers on duty in the cold wind.I was so grateful to them that I didn t expect to be able to have lunch again before the Lunar New Year s Day.Culture road a restaurant owner told reporters that the epidemic has made them pay more attention to food safety, but also pay more attention to the store’s sanitation and disinfection work.In the interview, the reporter noted that although the hotel occupancy rate is not high, but feel shangqiu’s catering industry has gradually recovered.Office of Municipal Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters: Epidemic prevention and control is not relaxed, and production and life are resumed in an orderly manner.Resuming inter-city and urban and rural public transport within the city starting from 00:00 on January 21;The public transportation in shangqiu’s main urban area will be restored except through the closed and controlled areas.On the same day, the Office of The Municipal COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a Notice on Orderly Restoration of Life order and Implementation of Regular Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures.According to the circular, in addition to strictly implementing temperature measurement, code scanning, wearing masks and other prevention and control measures, hotels and restaurants should carry out disinfection and disinfection more frequently, reduce the number of tables and people in the hall, and reduce the number of private rooms, and the reception rate should not exceed 70% of the approved reception number.Barber shops should take prevention and control measures such as “one customer for one elimination” of barber tools, “one customer for one change” of towels, one meter line of waiting staff, and disinfection of high-frequency contact parts for each customer.Bathing places should strictly control the number of visitors and try to make reservations;Strictly implement the disinfection system of towels, bathrobes, clothes, slippers and linen for one guest;Daily preventive environmental disinfection, public supplies should be timely disinfection when contaminated;Close all mahjong rooms, chess and card rooms, cinemas and other recreational venues.Nursing homes, medical and nursing institutions, welfare institutions, prisons, detention centers and other places shall strictly implement closed management and strict visitation management, which can be conducted by telephone or video connection.Non-life essential chess and card rooms, mahjong parlors, Internet cafes, e-sports rooms, game rooms (secret room escape, play killing), bars, KTV, social education and training institutions, beauty salons, leisure and health places, foot baths, theaters, museums, libraries, religious places, scenic spots and other places of aggregation entertainment suspended business.Postpone all kinds of large-scale meetings, large-scale performances, large-scale training, annual meetings, groups and temple fairs and other crowd gathering activities.The market in rural areas is restricted to reduce unnecessary gathering activities.In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic through the cold chain, Zhuhai has set up a special class for epidemic prevention and control of Imported cold-chain Food, and issued the Work Plan, General Warehouse Management Standards and Notice on Further Strengthening epidemic Prevention and Control of General Warehouse of Imported Cold-chain Food, clarifying the working system and procedures:Improve tracing and traceability management, standardize the implementation of disinfection in processing, transportation and sales, strict inspection of “three certificates and one code”, batch sampling inspection, disinfection of pieces, international mail, express delivery in medium-high risk areas strictly implement disinfection, protection, health monitoring and other measures in key links;Shopping malls and supermarkets understand the source of goods, transport vehicles, drivers and other related information item by item before purchasing, and establish standing books;Market supervision departments will take the lead in supervising the establishment of epidemic prevention and control teams and the establishment of gate posts and mobile posts in commercial establishments, and strictly implement regular epidemic prevention and control measures.