“Twice-yuan Spice girl” is online, can Oversize be your screensaver?

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Hello, everybody, I’m your prisoner sister, it’s a nice weekend again. Fried chicken, beer, Coke, barbecue all week long. Here I go.Too lazy to move?Not motivated to lose weight?Or to take a look at today’s article Chen Peige VB:@ChenPeigyyy01 Have you heard of a saying that spread in the river’s lake it is said that Nu Wa made a person hand shake created a new toy its name is called “cartoon waist” only a few girls can get it at the beginning Yang Mi was named and criticized for imitating “cartoon waist action” “excessive stretching, easy to injury,Don’t recommend imitation “makes” waist “cartoons were well known but it is not comic waist fault but entertainment under the guide of” figure compare “actually is a kind of” overstretch “at the time of all kinds of social media” new posture to unlock “seems to be a trend from the chopsticks legs, hand face to A4 waist, 4 cm arm from the challenge of a word to touch the navel almost every backhandBetween meeting whole a few flower work seems to do not follow to prove oneself figure very like 02 but actually cartoon waist real connotation can actually use a word to describe yingying if hold no bone, wind blows mei skirt play butterfly dance.The proportion of lithe and graceful waist exaggeration and do not break aesthetic feeling is the essence of its springtime delights you all this moment, you will know why otaku why so like secondary yuan I can overflow screen the sexy a bit foul YanCai have both pure and beautiful to her sister’s waist not waist killing saburo machetes said you saliva to flow to the screen all 03 as a responsible fitness platform chan beauty body of courseIs not the purpose but the power or to talk about how to practice “comic waist” is the first we need to focus a few practice lumbar abdomen small girls as long as there is no need for excessive pursuit of perfect weight put focus on stretching can now below e mail to recommend some good practice abdomen distortions are not hard to watch TV at home at ordinary times you can do one – do not stretch the ball prettyBody -12-15 a group to complete 4 groups of rest 30 seconds two – side stay -30-60 seconds a group to complete 3-5 groups of rest 30 seconds three – prone upright -12-15 a group to complete 4-5 groups of rest 30 seconds four – elastic ball upright turn -10-15 groups of 3-5 groups of rest 30 seconds minutes five -Cat stretching 30 seconds – a set of complete rest for 30 seconds between 4 way try to stick to clock in 3 to 5 times a week at least three months in all weathers from imitation to grasp details, button action can continuous trial and error bit by bit slowly groping out suitable training methods any enviable things behind it to unknown effort chased like to like a girlFang go to see the figure you like to practice your life will be much simpler, I hope you can practice the “cartoon waist” as soon as possible to attract all sentient beings