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One day before the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, zhangjiakou officially opened with anastasia Smirnova of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) leaping into the genting Ski Park track.On February 3, Australia’s Jekara Anthony ranked first with 83.75 points in the first qualifying round of moguls freestyle skiing, while defending champion Peline Lafont of France also surpassed the 80-point line with 81.11 points, ranking second.HuaXueJie famous dufour sisters in Canada, Chloe, dufour – pull them and Justin dufour, pull them in 11th and 17th, eventually Justin no. 10, directly to the final, Chloe ranked 11th, February 6, will take part in women’s snow skills of the second qualifying round, for the final.Michael Kingsbury of Canada topped the first qualifying round and advanced to the final.In the men’s event, Canada’s Michael Kingsbury, who started in 24th place, secured the top spot and his score of 81.15 was the only player to score more than 80 points in the first qualifying round.In December 2010, at the age of 18, Kingsbury won his first World Cup in Beidhu, Jilin Province, and China became the beginning of the dream of kingsbury, who has dominated men’s moguls for a decade.”I broke all the records, but I still want to prove to myself that I can continue to be the best,” said the 29-year-old, aiming for gold in Beijing 2022.As the first Chinese male athlete to participate in the moguls event of freestyle skiing in the Winter Olympics, Zhao Yang finished the event smoothly.Zhao Yang and Li Nan made history for China’s moguls freestyle skiing.Among them, in the first round of women’s qualification competition, Li Nan was the 21st player among all 30 competitors. She was steady and clean in the air, but it was a pity that she took a little longer and did not jump too high.In the end, she finished 19th in the first round of the qualifying round, not qualifying for the final.On February 6, she will join 19 other athletes who did not qualify for the final stage in the first qualifying round to compete for the final 10 spots in the second qualifying round.Based on li Nan’s performance in the first round, if she can maintain her current level, or even better, she has a chance to make it through.After the race, Li hoped she could continue to improve and strengthen in the slalom part, because in an athlete’s moguls score of freestyle skiing, the slalom score accounts for 60 percent of the total score.”For the whole race, the slalom still needs to improve.””Because the slalom is a bigger percentage of the score and the course is longer, you have to do your slalom well,” she said.I’m going to focus on that.”The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be Li Nan’s first trip to the Olympics, and she is very excited to become the first Chinese athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics in Zhangjiakou on Feb 3.”After all, I am the only one representing China’s moguls, and I hope to show the world in the best spirit and style.””Today’s performance was normal,” she said. “I will adjust my condition before the second qualifying round and I hope I can show you my best form.”Li Nan of China, ranked 19th in the first round of the qualifying tournament, will compete for the final 10 spots in the second round of the qualifying tournament on Feb 6.After the first qualifying round of the women’s group, Zhao ranked 7th in the first qualifying round of men’s moguls freestyle skiing and finished 28th with 61.47 points.It was a landmark moment for Chinese moguls as Zhao Yang became the first Chinese male athlete to compete in the event at the Winter Olympics.Although ranked 28th among the 30 players, Zhao Yang believes that he has played his due level.”I am very proud to be the first Chinese man to compete in moguls at the Winter Olympics and I want to thank the many people who have helped me over the years.””Over the years, we have been working hard and never slackened our efforts,” he said. “Especially in the past two years, when the epidemic brought great difficulties to training and competitions, we still tried our best to overcome the difficulties and never stopped training.”However, through this Winter Olympics, Zhao Yang also saw his own level with foreign athletes in the gap.”I hope to become a pioneer and inspire more young people to participate in moguls,” he said.Especially at present, China has such perfect and professional moguls track, and the domestic athlete training mechanism is becoming more mature, which will bring unprecedented help to the improvement of Chinese moguls.As more and more people fall in love with winter sports, I’m sure more will take up the sport in the future.”Zhao will compete in the second qualifying round on Feb 5 for the final 10 spots.Winter Olympics magazine reporter Pan Zhiwang photo more content please pay attention to the Winter Olympics magazine.Source: the client games publication | journalists Li Yuanfei 陈嘉堃 Deng Fangjia process editor: U022