Fixed Safari IndexedDB bug iOS, iPadOS, macOS update

2022-06-15 0 By

Security researchers last year discovered a vulnerability in Safari’s IndexedDB API that allowed criminals to use specially written websites to access Internet users’ browsing history, as well as information about their Google accounts.The serious bug, which affects user privacy, has been fixed in iOS 15.3, iPadOS 15.3 and macOS 12.2.In addition to fixing Safari 15’s IndexedDB vulnerability, Apple also blocked multiple vulnerabilities that allowed malicious programs to execute arbitrary program code and gain system permissions.Apple took the rare step of adding the words “Recommended for all users” to the update message because of the significant improvements in device security.In addition to iOS, iPadOS and macOS, Apple is also rolling out updates to watchOS 8.4 and tvOS 15.2 to address the Safari 15 bug on those devices.Source: Apple