Fri feb 11 Week 1 practice and a little mood

2022-06-15 0 By

The first week of the Year of Yin tiger in the lunar calendar, sharp differentiation;Shanghai week rises shenzhen small creates the ticket before plunge 3 days general rises after 2 days general falls, especially the large area that may fall today eats noodles and I?A week what also did not operate, only did reverse repurchase what ticket all did not buy and sell, incredibly still earned 1.3 yuan!In this week’s Shanghai index for four days, no business was a leek!Over nearly half of the people with zero returns!This is the firm offer of the first week!Nearly half of them can do nothing. It’s a coin toss!Everyone become leek is a large probability, as long as you are still in the sea!As the title of this article suggests, swimming or swimming in such a sea, what comes first?Some say longer than life!I totally disagree!The most precious thing in our life is time, never come back!So each trading hour has a point in time value, also known as “how much money”!But can never understand for “suddenly rich”, because changeful is the law of this market, in so changeful market want to speak is “make money” probability!A reminder that the emphasis from beginning to end is to make money, and not tolerate any loss of money!Sure to make money belief, the most need is self-cultivation, emotion is the root of loss, like this week I did not operate anything, and who can understand?Next time we’ll talk about why. Don’t you know there’s more money to be made?